5 methods to provide pace & momentum in your PPT

PPTs are a great medium to connect to the target-audiences and carve an understanding in them to germinate a business-relationship. But across societal spheres, everyone today is in a hurry and your target-audiences definitely are. So there must be a swiftness and rapidity in your PPT to make it serve well for you. You can summarize some aspects in your preparation and inject them in your PPT to clinch the very response from the target-audiences.

1. Make the first few slides most significant: “Well begun is half done”, this saw is perfect for a PPT of this age where people normally are in hurry and therefore, you have to trigger interest in them to bind them to your story. You must present the crux of the entire presentation point-wise in the first 2-3 slides. The target-audiences must get to know what is in there for them. If they get interested, you go on to present more facts and particulars elaborately in the rest of the slides.

2. Make a small presentation: Even if the target-audiences get interested for more details, your entire presentation must comprise a smaller number of slides, as everyone wants to reach to the core of the things as quickly as possible to make a decision. So shortness and swiftness are the key points for a PPT.

3. Brief textual material: Short sentences, easy sentences and point-wise description facilitate easy reading and that is what you want for your target-audiences in knowing your business-nuances.

4. Graphics and Diagrams: Graphics and Diagrams provide with an ease to the target-audiences in understanding varied aspects of your business. Easy texts and these diagrams work wonders for you through a PPT.

 5. Less confusion on slides: Spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, more than required punctuations, unnecessary use of block and small letter-segregations, needless bullets and unneeded font-effects on slides confuse your target-audiences. Stay away from them!

All-in-all, pace and momentum are required in your PPT to attract the attention of the audiences in this fast-moving world and everything should be done to convey the real message to them swiftly.