5 Indications of an ineffective presentation

All the indications that your presentation is not working or will not fetch you results, come from your audiences and more specifically, from their demeanour, gestures and physical signs of involvement or the lack of them. But, 5 definite signs can be summarized as such:

  1. Frozen appearance: Keeping an eye on the audience is very critical during a presentation to gauge its effectiveness. If they seem listless, lethargic or unconcerned about the subject or message, your presentation obviously is not working.
  2. Incomprehension of the core message: If most of the audience-members remain unaware of the crux of the presentation after even its conclusion, or if during the presentation, they can’t reply even the simple specific questions asked by you, your effort is futile. You will have to think out other options.
  3. Query of the duration of the presentation: If during the presentation, someone asks you about the duration of the presentation, it signifies that it is not making the audience interested and you will be away from results. Asking before it starts and asking at some stage in the middle of it being screened are two different things.
  4. Involvement in other activities: If during the presentation, your clients want to take a gap, leave the place for a while for any reason or involve themselves in any other activities, it simply means they are not deeply interested in the event.
  5. At the end, without any question: If your audiences don’t ask you a single question after even the conclusion of the presentation without being pushed to ask, there is something amiss.

A direct statement that they didn’t like the concept, idea or the offer may be the final news for you about the inappropriateness of your presentation, but these five signals coming from the audiences more or less tell you that your presentation has not worked.