5 elements to construct a company’s ethos

A business is lot of preparation and perspiration. When you construct it, you go through different sets of grind. Your products or services are not going to create a buzz in the market at once. You are not going to see profits coming in right from the inception.

Apart from taking care of everything else, you must try to establish the ethos of your company right from the beginning. Every company runs on a unique ethos, every company has a different philosophy, you too must have your own. And the process starts when the very concept springs into your mind. There may be some ingredients which you must bear when you found your company’s ethos:

  1. The very vision: Companies may have client-satisfaction in the core of its vision, some may have high-margin profit-growth, some may have effective solution of some specific problems, some may have making a glorious name and standing in industrial corridors as their vision and so on. A clear-cut vision embedded at the nub of every activity goes a long way to establish ethos for your company.
  2. Daily conduct: When you start the journey as an entrepreneur, the daily routine becomes a vital cog in the mechanism. You want to see your co-workers follow a set curriculum in the office. A skill-specific allotment of work, a target-centric energy in the ambience, cross-domain collaboration, meetings on regular intervals, timely individual feedbacks, appreciation, everything becomes an integral part of ethos and philosophy of your company.
  3. Definite practices: Different rules, regulations and policies in your organization reflect its soul in essence. The basis of recruitment in varied departments, various determining factors of compensation, team-cohesion, absence or presence of lateral hiring etc. become illustrative of your company’s ethos.
  4. Recruitment keeping in line with the ethos: If you have defined ethos deep-rooted in your company’s system, potential employees would have this opportunity to have a hard look on it and then decide about the joining. You also enjoy this chance to select employees as per the company’s ethos. If their credentials and bent of mind match to the rules and regulations of your company, you obviously will go for them.
  5. Internalization of the ethos: If you want someone to follow your thought and actions, the best way is to practise them yourself in letter and spirit. When you own those beliefs and principles, you act accordingly. You don’t wear them on your sleeves, you wear them on your heart. And your profound commitment to the ethos rubs off on others as well. An indelible impression is carved on the minds of your colleagues and employees.

When the ethos of your company binds everyone there together, fulfillment of combined aspirations becomes easy. If the root is deep, the tree is strong and stands for long.