5 blunders of a presenter

However good your presentation-material may be, however attractive your business-offer may be and however receptive your audiences may be, if your presenter makes mistakes, audiences may not get that interested in your offer and you stand a chance to lose your prospective clients.

  1. Lacking engagement: If your presenter just goes on rattling off the facts of your business one after another without involving the audiences at every step, your business-presentation is definitely going awry. No matter how alluring your business is, if the presenter is not making it related to them, the purpose falls flat. Different illustrations of different facts go a long way to make a great presenter. 
  2. Excess of information: If the presenter is putting too much of information about your business in one go, the audiences would feel hard to digest them.
  3. Worn-out visuals: If the presenter is presenting the material with the help of overused visuals, audiences will not get interested. Nothing disinterests more than the feeling, Oh, I have seen it. Novelty in presentation helps definitely. ​                                                                                                                          
  4. Big words and slangs: slangs, long-winded sentences or jargons must be avoided. A heavy word directly taken out from dictionary may be a prepared term for the presenter, but audiences would feel hard to swallow it. A presenter must use the words that are simple, easily grasped and supportive to the idea of the very business. Our Blog namely Word-content in a Presentation, also describes the importance of simple words in any kind of presentation.
  5. Long duration: An elongated presentation or a stretched out speech never helps. Lengthy presentations become boring and hardly get audiences interested. A long speech more often than not loses the plot. Our Blog namely Time-length of a Presentation also elaborates the topic. 

So, if your presenter stays away from these simple and regular blunders, your business is going to hit target-audiences with aplomb.