4 tricks to write marketing -centric SMSes

With our mobile-phone-industry moving on a high-growth-trajectory and India being poised to become the 2nd largest Smartphone-market by the end of 2017 and achieve the growth at a CAGR of 23% through 2018 as per a report of Morgan Stanley Research, SMS or Short Message Service can play a significant role in marketing mechanisms. Marketing is all about communication, right and complete communication, at the right time. And SMS is a truly non-disturbing conveyance of communication which makes marketing so very easy.

You connect with your audience without meddling into their private time, but only SMSing would not fetch you intended results unless you pack it up with a pushing and meaningful pitch. Your content must be so appealing and enthusing that the receiver gets ready to do what you want him to do. You can make your message enriched and result-inducing by merely following some tricks:

1. Concise and compact textual content does wonders in SMSes. Mobile-marketing gets its defining attribute in compact textual messages. The crux of your offering must be explicit and simply written.

2. SMSes just carry the purpose of information, brand-building can’t be done through them and so, glossy details, jargons or typical marketing expressions must be ignored.

3. Promptitude or rapidity is the core of any SMS and this must be maintained in using it in marketing as well. The whole purpose of an SMS is to convince the receiver that an instantaneous action on his part can lead him to a specific benefit.

4. A proper disclosure of identity by the sender of the SMS gives to it a proper validation which compels the receiver to read it once and that meets your purpose.

       The bottom-line is to prepare a subtle arrangement of words in a marketing-oriented SMS which triggers a sufficient extent of curiosity in receivers about the main message and makes them feel as a select few to receive this.