4 tricks for a leader to extract results from his team

A team-leader in a corporate set-up is a vital cog in the whole mechanism. Sure, leaders are as successful as their team-members. But if the leader is efficient, he carves his team into a successful unit. An efficient leader knows how to infuse motivation among his team-members and extract results from them. He may have several tricks up his sleeve to achieve his purpose:

1. A clear conveyance of vision: A good team-leader knows how to convey his vision and team-objectives to the team-members. This is his inspiration that shared achievement of objectives becomes separate achievement for them. This is the leader who makes everyone feel a participant in achieving targets.

2. Promote Interaction: Promoting personal interaction among team-members is the other art a leader can perform to take his team to greater goals. Personal interaction makes personal relationship and personal relationship among one another helps team-members work collectively in an integrated manner. An efficient leader keeps arranging fun-events or get-togethers to let the team-members know one another in a casual way which augurs well for the combined effort at work.

3. Cultivation of crisis-management: An effective team-leader raises his team in a way that he becomes the last point to solve any crisis. He inculcates crisis-management in his team-members which makes them solve any trouble on their level only. A problem is eliminated before taking any bigger dimensions and the team keeps working cohesively by taking incisive decisions.

4. A complete knowledge about individuals: A successful leader knows each team-member personally. He knows their individual personalities, temperament, mental strength and weakness, zest to do work etc. Knowing all this, he can assign different tasks and projects to different people according to their inclination and pull off astonishing results from the team.

     A leader can have numerous methods to elevate results from his team, but these four steps definitely can be tried by every leader to achieve bigger aims.