4 suggestions to make your team more effective

Team-effort is something every organization aspires for. Corporate circles are always engaged in coming up with newer methodologies to construct solid teams assigned for specific tasks. A collective acumen of team-members is constantly more effective than the effort of two or three people working separately, more so in preparing presentations. When working on a presentation, PPT or Flash-based, you can refurbish your team by going for a few tricks.

  1. Make team-head as per presentation-specifications: A knowledgeable person, who has the deep understanding of the specific topic of the presentation, must be made the head to lead the task. Textual content, images, videos, animations, structure, voice, music, the head must have a good sense of all to decide their types and extent of use in the presentation.
  2. Make every team-member aware of aims: Once every contributor to the task understands its basic objective, they pitch in with their craft by moulding it to suit final development of the presentation.
  3. Make every team-member partake in each other’s effort: Once the content-writer has produced his material, he must know what images are going to be fixed with his words or which videos or animations are going to run along with his words. If he concurs, well and good, if he doesn’t, he should give his suggestions. And this practice must be maintained by everyone involved in the preparation-process. A presentation as a cohesive product works wonders as far as results are concerned.
  4. Team-head only should talk to clients: A client must have this luxury to have only one point of contact from the agency’s side. Too many points of contact many a times can confuse the very concept of the final product. Even if the client wants to change something in the presentation or wants to give out his inputs, the information must come to team-members through the team-head to maintain the synchronization in the effort.

A team is as strong as its members. Opt for a few things to optimize their effort and bind them into a harmony with each other and your team will be doubly effective.