4 qualities investors look for in a start-up before making any investment

It’s true that a simple idea transforms into a big, booming business, if executed effectively. But simultaneously it is also true that investors and Venture Capitalists make investments in people, not in ideas or other factors. Certainly, before reaching on any decision regarding investments in a start-up, they want to convince themselves that its founders and their team possess these qualities:

1. Unwavering Resolve: The journey of a start-up is replete with uncertainties and vulnerabilities. You put in so many plans on paper, but in reality, you may find a bulk of them getting flopped. You are bound to find big competitors in the market. On every front, they might have more resources than you. But your unwavering resolve is one attribute that sees you through in the weak initial times. Even in the later stages, you can meet failures and have to make hard decisions but a deep-rooted commitment to your initiative keeps you in a good stead and keeps you going.

2. Deep understanding of products, services or industry: If you can convey depth of your understanding about products or services you are going to launch, more often than not you would find the investors on board with their investments. Expertise and experience are the real clinchers for you as far as the investment is concerned. Markets keep changing with newer trends; people with incisive acumen can only capture those trends.

3. Excitement for results: your potential investors know that every battle in life is won only if you are excited about the results. Excitement for different possibilities keeps you attached to your mission. When you dream big, you achieve big and that is something every investor tries to look for in you and your team.

4. Team-potential: You are as good as your team. You alone would not work for your company for sure. There would be people around who would be executing varied responsibilities in tandem with you and one another. Your potential investors would like to know that to what extent your team-members have aligned their vision with that of yours. Their passion, excitement and commitment equally matter for them before making any decision on investments.

   Making investments is a brave exercise and is always fraught with risks. But if you have these qualities with you, you enjoy a bigger chance to make the cut in terms of convincing investors and attracting investments.