4 Mistakes to make your presentation tedious and ineffective

In this age of social media channels and information-glut, you always run a risk of making your multimedia presentations tedious and dull. There is a deluge of presentations in the market and that’s why, approach, style and techniques are being found to be repetitive and monotonous. There are some mistakes you can commit to make your presentation boring and ineffective:  

  1. Plagiarizing content and style: Internet has made your access to someone else’s creation and creativity very easy and lifting the content and ways of presentations can be too tempting to resist. But the audience is too smart to detect this copied material and style and then, it becomes very boring for them to watch the entire presentation. 
  2. Too much of information: People today have less time to invest and we are always in a hurry to reach to the core to make a decision speedily. A lengthy presentation carrying excessive information about your business or initiative bears a heightened chance to confuse your target-audience. 
  3. Lack of novelties: Creativity attracts the audience. If your presentation carries the same old techniques and methods to present the topic, it will hardly be effective. Products and services or details of your business have to be depicted with fresh perspectives to capture the attention of the audience. 
  4. An unbalanced mix of media tools: A presentation is made of varied elements and all these elements, i.e. texts, visuals, animation, graphs and graphics, music, voice etc. must be mixed in a way, supporting each other, to present your business and highlight its particulars and facts clearly and unequivocally. Nothing should seem out of place, overlapping and deliberately used. An unbalanced mix of media tools definitely defeats the very purpose of a presentation. 

If you manage to stay away from doing these 4 mistakes, there is every chance you are going to craft an effective and engaging presentation.