4 kinds of entrepreneurs

Business-world is replete with different sorts of personalities. The way you handle corporate affairs, your company’s functions and different situations, signifies your individuality as an entrepreneur. Every individual has a certain character and every businessman has a certain set of characters and preferences. On a broader base, we can classify entrepreneurs into some defined categories:

 1. Direct talker: Authoritative businessmen are very confident of their thought and deeds. They are generally very target-oriented and are emotionally attached to their goals and mission. They like to dictate the terms and are very clear-cut communicators of their comments and decisions. They don’t dilute remarks while talking to their fellow-workers. Most of all, they expect the same attachment to work from everyone.

2. Communicative: Communicative entrepreneurs don’t hold back anything. They work on their agility. Communicative businessmen are smooth speakers, make frequent feedbacks, make regular reports and take stock of situations in various formats and ways recurrently. Every aspect of their working is filled with and based on entrepreneurial alacrity.

3. Reserved: We see business-people who are at the helm of affairs and who work with all the intensity but with less interaction and communication with their employees and co-workers. They are normally reserved in their conduct. They are as frequent in making analyses and diagnoses of their respective businesses as others, but with a lesser degree of direct communication. They may not be straightforward in making remarks and compliments, they may not be strident in passing on their decisions and they may not seem as animated as their counterparts in achieving results, but they are certainly equally efficient. They are evenly insightful and vibrant inside about their organization and business.

 4. Motivator: Though anyone who runs a business keeps motivating his co-workers and staff-members constantly, yet a motivator has to be classified separately due to his innate inclination to motivate people. Even if they had not have been in business, motivator businessmen would have been motivators in any field. They are interactive, highly expressive and truly collaborative vis-à-vis others around. They don’t hold back to share experiences and skills. They like to keep everyone from their organization at the same page as far plans and policies are concerned.

 Humans have several qualities, similarly business-people have several qualities, but on some distinctive characters, they can be broadly categorized.