3 tips to make one-on-one-meetings with your staff more effective

Schedules in corporate circles are always replete with meetings and seminars. These meetings definitely bring significant decisions for businesses. Even one-on-one-meetings also have had a prime importance in the corporate-world. One-on-one-meetings are special, brief and more enlightening. Your co-workers candidly open up about the problems and hindrances in your organization. More often than not, that individual opinion represents the view of many at your place. And you too make these private meetings more effective by structuring them on few points:  

1. Growth: Everyone wants to talk about his personal growth in life and profession. A delicate discussion on his professional growth would make your employee more interested and involved in the one-on-one-meeting. You can ask him about his satisfaction-level and how far he has narrowed the gap between expectations and achievements at your place. His viewpoints about support and resources can help you coming with decisions for your organization.

2. Effort: After talking to your employee in a personal manner, you can gauge his extent of effort and willingness to amplify it. You can ask him about official feedbacks, you can ask him about the level of feedback-assimilation and you can also ask him directly about his contribution to the organizational growth. His responses on every count would give you a broad picture of his effort in the organization and your decisions at different times.

3. Take employees into confidence by asking about management: Asking an employee about management gives him a definite confidence that his views are being respected, his effort over a period of time is being recognized and he is a special employee. You ask him about your flaws and he would be your confidant in discussing various issues. Varied viewpoints would come up in that one single one-on-one-meeting.

  Any meeting aims to form some decisions for the betterment of the organization and one-on-one-meetings give you an added opportunity to know your employees personally. And that works for the growth of your business and organization.