3 tips to elevate efficacy of office-meetings

Official meetings are an avenue to construct employee-engagement. Instead of one-on-one, you talk to many co-workers instantly. But these meetings should not become a perfunctory part of your work. They must be effective in finding solutions and reaching to different decisions. You can instill some routine-tasks in your mechanism to make these meetings more and more useful:

  1. Prepare outline: Every item on the agenda must be decided in advanceAdditionally, these items of discussion and deliberation must be enlisted on priority-basis. If possible, every item on the list must be allotted time-slot beforehand as per its significance. A pre-structured meeting yields better results.
  2. Priorities must be decided by taking every co-worker in loop: Your business or initiative is successful when everyone in the team is in the know of the things and is on the same page as far as growth of the organization is concerned. That’s why the finalization of topics for meetings must be based on every team-member’s opinion, need and assessment of the existing situation. In this way, every co-worker feels involved and empowered and comes up with better suggestions in these meetings, vindicating their utility.
  3. Back-to-back meetings must be ignored: As per different surveys, frequent and back-to-back meetings don’t prove much useful. Topics become redundant, assessments become repetitive and discussions become monotonous. Sometimes in these recurrent meetings, decisions are contradicted. Contradiction of decisions for betterment is great, but on a repeated basis, it becomes confusing for the organization.

   Meetings are definitely very necessary to chart out the further course of a company or organization, but a period-based time-table gives them significance. They are very necessary to cultivate trust and bonding between you and your team-members, but a priority-based agenda make them highly fruitful.