3 stages to prepare any presentation

A multimedia presentation is a concise visual expression of your message. Your pitching becomes an easy communication in the shape of a presentation. But conciseness is the keyword. The more your presentation gets far from compactness and conciseness, the more it loses its efficaciousness and neatness.

  1. Crux at start: Any sort of presentation must comprise the essence and direction of your desired objective at its inception. The stuff you want your potential customers must know about the products or services must be presented in the first few seconds of the presentation. If possible, try to discover the most important element of your offering or message and emphasize it with different multimedia features at the start.
  2. Support crux with few small details: Now after presenting the most important point of your presentation, elaborate it and support it with some of the important details. These details again must be presented through the perspective of your prospective clients. They must be significant points like manufacturing-processes, service-detailing, variety of products, offers for clients etc. presented in a succinct style.
  3. Support facts with figures, illustrations and added information: Now you have to place in statistical arrangement of your facts in graphs, charts and graphics. These facts may relate to varied financial aspects, organizational facets, your future plans, other promotional activities, etc. All of this has to create a belief in your potential clients for your idea, offerings and road-map.

     All of these three stages have to be based on creativity and the difference in nature and level of individual creativity makes presentations different in appearance.