3 pointers to gauge a start-up-entrepreneur’s progress

Start-ups come with challenges. Though today’s landscape is far more conducive than ever before, yet the innate character of a start-up is made up of different risks. Sometimes you feel you are going strong and sometimes you are bogged down by circumstances. But if you have these 3 accomplishments, you are moving in a right direction:

  1. Team with complimentary qualities: If you have picked up a nice and hardworking team, you would move towards achieving your goals in a sustained manner. When you have people of your choice working around you, you are never short on confidence. You in tandem with your team-members create things and makes innovations. You with their complementary qualities construct a culture and work-philosophy for your organization which is a nice feeling.
  2. Sense of achievement: If you have extracted a bit of the sense of achievement for yourself by bringing something in the market which you think is solving problems of some nature, half of the battle is won. The scale of the impact your products or services make in your clients’ lives is the scale of the success your start-up has achieved.
  3. Discover yourself: When you feel that the launch and progress of your start-up is a journey which is far more meaningful than the destinations on the way, you are very well on your way to the success. A start-up gives you ample opportunities to meet people from various walks of life and that is where you become a better entrepreneur and a better person. You get to know so many things about yourself interacting with them. And that is the best part because during the journey of your start-up, you discover yourself all over again.

Revenue and business-plans are alright and they vary from one start-up to another, but aforementioned 3 attributes or achievements are the real measures of every entrepreneur’s progress.