3 marks of a successful presentation

Any kind of presentation is constructed to fetch summarily one aim and that is to encourage audiences to take a specific action, buy a product or service, join business or join any initiative. Apart from varied multimedia tools and elements and their proportionate use, three simple over-all marks of a successful presentation can be defined:

  1. Simple: Successful presentations are free of slangs, big words, convoluted facts and any sort of ambiguity. All-in-all, each and every communication in a presentation must be lucid. Visuals and animations must be plain to be understandable by a layman. Graphs and graphics must be easily comprehensible and discernible. Even the background music of a flash-based presentation has to be fitting and matching to the voice-over artist’s voice and other details. Briefness is the other mark of a simple presentation. A short presentation where first few initial steps to buy your product or service are defined in certain terms is a succesful presentation.
  2. Expressive: If your audiences don’t get what you intended, it hardly matters how much of a technical effort you put in to make the presentation. If they don’t grab the concept, the crux of the offering or the real message in a clearly expressed approach, your presentation is not going to yield the results you want. Your presentation must be expressive in conveying the very concept in an unambiguous manner. When a presentation is termed expressive, that means you have presented your details in a categorical way, like what the audiences have to do to join you, what they have to do to buy your product or service or after the display of the presentation what is the first thing they have to do. Tying together various contents in this expressive concise arrangement is the character of a successful presentation.
  3. Touching: Methodically prepared presentations are good, but their efficaciousness increases by notches if a certain emotional quotient is embedded in them. Data, graphs, graphics, animations, analytical approach or diagnostic quality, everything is excellent, but if they are woven in an intonated voice and a soothing music, they leave an aura which lingers long in audiences’ minds. This recall-value is what motivates one to take action towards your offering. Presentations which touch a chord in target-audiences have always been prepared on a story-base. This story-base makes an emotional connect with audiences for sure. Facts and figures are what matter but to take them into someone’s heart, you need a touching element ingrained in your visuals, animations, voice or music.

    A simple, expressive and touching presentation is more often than not effective and brings intended results to you.