3 fundamental ingredients of designing a website

This is the age of presentations undoubtedly. A brief profile of the company and description of products or services is well-encapsulated in presentations where different forms of creativity give them different shapes. But still, websites with full details of respective companies or organizations hold a significant sway in terms of business-generation.

Knowing its business-generation-power, you can carve your website in specific ways to exert a pull on the visitors. Design is probably the first and a prime element of a website which makes an instantaneous imprint on the minds of visitors. If crafted impeccably, this instantaneous imprint can become indelible also. With other elements, efficient designing of your website can have an unequivocal impact on the visitors, transforming their visit to business for you. And there are 3 fundamental ingredients of designing a website as far as conversion is concerned:

  1. Contrast: We humans are very quick to spot contrasts and we like them also. Though the contrast in colours and lay-out should be spread all over, yet the significant places vis-à-vis conversion must bear it amply. USPs of products or services, customers’ experience, Call-to-Action etc. must be presented in contrasts. Different colour-combinations on Home Page, big, white word-content on a dark background, a contrast-based colourful backdrop for Landing Page etc. can be some kinds of contrasts.
  2. Apt summation: When you talk of designing a website, insertion of seminal points which relate to business must be designed properly. The entire concept of your business, USPs of your products or services, important messages, various clients’ recommendations and references etc. must be presented in an eye-catching manner and in brief accounts to simplify for visitors.
  3. Prolongation of interest: Maintenance of interest of visitors on your website is very vital to achieve conversion. Facts or points leading to one another preserve their interest. A linear design or placing of arrows directing to one fact or another keeps triggering their curiosity and they continue exploring the website. A deliberate signal or indication often irritates visitors and they don’t respond to it.

   All these 3 ingredients of designing a website are meant to elongate visitors’ stay, hinging on the fact that the longer they stay on a website, the better the chances of their conversion into business-generation.