3 basic requirements of a customer

A study on customers from 6 European countries came out with findings that threw ample light on customers’ thought-process when they deal with different companies. 82% of customers think that it is vital to trust organizations which respect their information and data, 78% of customers deem that the connectivity with an organization on phone is enormously significant and 77% of customers believe that the response of their query on their first communication to an organization is very crucial.

Based on these findings, three solid inferences on a company or organization’s requirements and responsibilities regarding clients can be extracted.

  1. Trust in company: When a company or organization gathers some specific information from a client, it must protect it. A customer gets confident about a company when he knows that his data would be safe there and would not be misused. The very confidence ingrains trust in the customer vis-à-vis the company.
  2. Fast connectivity:  Nothing satisfies a client more than a quick connectivity to the company or organization and the ensuing response from there. And nothing provides quicker connectivity than a phone, so when a customer gets the phone-number of the company, he feels empowered with the right to be served.
  3. Smoothness in service: A customer is delighted when he gets his trouble solved or responded aptly on his first call to the company. Establishing a routine to resolve or fittingly respond to a client’s problem at the first instance is essential for a company or organization.

   All of these three finer points help you understand your clients profoundly. Clients are different personalities, but these are generic requirements and if you fulfill them appropriately, your business is bound to flourish.