3 basic points to grasp your need, Flash-presentation or a PPT?

PPT-based and Flash-based structures are the most prominent platforms of presentations. Business-world is replete with these presentations. Many businesses have prepared both the kinds of presentations to project their respective plans, products or services. Both the types of platforms have their distinct qualities, but still people get stuck in deciding which of them would serve their purpose better. Pros and cons should be explored on the base of their unique utilities:

1. If a PPT allows you flexibility, a Flash-based presentation allows you completeness: A PPT is an apt solution when you need a flexible format enabling you to change the content repeatedly. Generally when you start a business, you try and test so many things and you go through alterations in content repeatedly and so, at the start a PPT augurs well for you. At the start of business, you also need presentations to be made quickly and that can happen only with a PPT. Even if you run an established business, in the preliminary phases of contact with your clients, you must send to them a PPT as your first communication bearing all the details of your business in a concise manner and later, send or present to them a Flash-based presentation as your second and more elaborate communication. So, when they go through the Flash-presentation, they already know the intricate details of your business. All these details get imprinted in their minds more enduringly now, after this second presentation. This practice also enables you to present to your clients two different presentations which in totality elevate your status as a more professional entity having different platforms and presentations for different phases of the interaction with clients.

2While you need someone to present a PPT in person, a Flash-based presentation is a complete solution by itself: A Flash-based presentation brings elaborateness in your proposal. It is created when your business-concept is a bit intricate and multi-faceted. Secondly, a Flash-based presentation is a virtual sales-professional for your business. It gives details about everything which has to be said to potential clients. A complete solution by itself, a Flash-based presentation enables you to even convey the concept to prospective clients without anyone accompanying it in person. This presentation is an absolute resource by itself and saves for you other resources.

3Costing is different:   You opt for a PPT when there is a budget-constraint. A Flash-based presentation is a bit costly because it has a lot of creative assimilations and it involves varied resources. But with fewer resources involved, a PPT can be designed at lesser costs.

                   On the whole, flexibility, time-limitations, number of resources, elaborateness and costing are the base-points which lead you to decide what you want, a PPT or a Flash-based presentation. Both carry unique and different utilities with the same purpose, projection of business.