11 key-points of a Pitching Presentation, specifically for investors

When you craft a Pitching Presentation specifically for investors, you must bear in mind that they are the people who generally are inundated with Pitching Presentations. So your presentation must be innovative and different to suddenly capture their interest. We already have elaborated on the basics of a Pitching Presentation in our blog “11 integral points for a Pitching Presentation”. But here we delve into the type where we pitch it for investors exclusively.

1Short and sweet works: Investors are busy people, so you have to prepare your Pitching Presentation which duration-wise doesn’t go into the realm of being termed as ‘long’. 10-15 slides or 15-20 minutes augur well to sustain their attention.

2Fascinating start: The first slide must be captivating design-wise, bearing the logo of your company, reference to the specific business and a well-written slogan defining the motto of your initiative.

3A compact Introduction: A condensed content comprising the core message of your business and the thrust for prospective investors must come second. The idea here is to engage target-audiences right at the beginning with the interesting essentials about your business.

4Team-members: Investors very well know the fact that you are as good as your team. More than your idea, they would like to know and assess your work-force which would convert their money into big gains. Their past individual successful stints must be highlighted. Your association with present team-members for a longer period instills a confidence in investors for your business and that must be shown and said.

5Problem: Before elaborating your concept, you must put in plain words the problem for which the answer lies in your concept.

6Solution: Now when you have elucidated the problem, your next few slides must contain the answer to that specific problem through the presentation of your products or services. If you can present an example of the solution your products or services bring for the target-clients, it’s a cherry on the cake.

7Market-size: Specific markets, their extent, enormity of the spread of target-clients, client-acquisition-costs, various opportunities, all of this must be dealt here.

8Financial estimations: If you are a start-up, financial estimations would be erected on conjectures, but on solid bases. But if you’ve been in the thick of things, even in different fields, you can back up your estimations on different experiences.

9Tackling competition: How you would tackle your competitors, why clients should not opt for market’s alternative products or services other than yours, what separates you from the rest in the business must be portrayed here prominently and clearly.

10Revenue-generation: How would you make money from your business and not that only and how much you would make from every client, your potential investors are eager to know these details. A future-plan where specific revenue-generation from different processes with respective time-spans is underscored appeals to your prospective investors a lot.

11Expected investment: Investors definitely would like to know your expectations around investments. Expected capital and its allocation in varied uses must be depicted by you in an interesting manner. Self-funding, if any, must be depicted also.

      Summarily, a Pitching Presentation is the conveyance of communication containing many fundamental aspects of your business. If you prepare it keeping in line with the understanding and viewpoints of its target-audiences, it gives you results certainly. These 11 key-points in your Pitching Presentation for the prospective investors would definitely help you garner their attention and investments.