11 integral points for a Pitching Presentation

Pitching Presentation is a short but effective medium to communicate facts about your business. If prepared properly, it has a deep impact on viewers. You prepare a Pitching Presentation generally either for an in-person interaction with your target-clients or an on-line engagement, though it is so effective way to convey the details of businesses that it works in your favour in any sort of engagement with them.

Over the years it has been observed that a fool-proof Pitching Presentation has some set ingredients which must be highlighted proportionately:   

  1. Profile and purpose: This portion must have a succinct overview of your profile as an entrepreneur, including your entrepreneurial achievements, and the purpose behind taking up a specific initiative or starting a specific business.
  2. Team: A clear and summarized portrayal of the skills and insights of the people who are with you in this specific business is needed here.
  3. Trouble: The problems or difficulties you found and researched in your prospective business-field, regarding products or services, must be presented here.
  4. Understanding: Now after the research, when you know the complexities, how you have developed the understanding of the field can be elaborated here.
  5. Solution: How your products and services solve the troubles you found for people must be communicated here.
  6. Description of products or services: Your next slide must contain a complete but short explanation of your products or services.
  7. Industry or Market-size: You have to show the scope of your products or services in the existing market to your potential investors and that can be done by presenting the big size of the market or the industry with some corroborating facts and numbers here.
  8. Competition: How your offerings score over the other options available in the market and how you would tackle your competitors has to be presented concisely.
  9. Revenue-model: How your business generates revenue has to be dealt here. Commercial conclusions are the most important facet for your potential investors.
  10.  Investment: The amount of money you want to arrange to run the business must have logic and that amount and the logic must be given here.
  11.  Contact: Your contact-details must be clearly presented in the last slide.

  A Pitching Presentation is generally made for potential investors, customers or business-partners, but irrespective of the target-audience, these elements of your business must be highlighted in a pithy but effective way.