Enjoy four channels of project updates

We understand that clients are busy and with that, it may be difficult for them to keep updated on the project. In Bharat Infotech, We have taken care of that one as well, for you. Our client centric approach has led us to prepare four channel of project updates for our clients.

1. User Panel:

It is a log in facility for the client to see the latest update of their project. This panel contains the detail of work on your project by our technical team. You can see day by day progress. This panel also contains the detail of your Project head like email address & phone number. The login details of the panel are shared with you in your welcome mail. You can check this update any time as per your comfort.

2. Email:

We send emails of update stating the latest work done on your project, it's current state & expected time of delivery etc. We also ask inputs & approvals through the mail. You can check your project updates & reply through emails or phone call as per your ease.

3. SMS:

One of the easiest forms of an update is "scheduled SMS". These are system generated SMS which usually sent out in evenings and contains the latest update of your project. These SMS some time customized also for seeking approval or inputs on your project.

4. Phone calls:

This medium is not very popular among our customers and we totally understand the time bound activities that our clients have to go through in their day to day business. However, you can always request us if you are willing to take the calls for the update. In some cases, we follow customers through calls when we do not receive inputs or approvals (through emails/SMS) which are the important part of project delivery.

Our client servicing team is always in search of ways to give total comfort & ease of doing business with us. Hope you will have a wonderful journey of project execution with Bharat Infotech. We look forward to your suggestion & feedback, please write at [email protected]