Various usage of the presentation

Ideas, where to use your presentation

Ideas, where to use your presentation & increase ROI

So, you have got the brand new presentation and you used it in meetings or sent it to the client but is that it? Is it the best use of this professionally made presentation?

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30 million + presentations are created daily that means these presentations are really very useful in businesses. At Recherche, we design roughly  500 to 700  power point slides in a month apart from flash presentation, hybrid presentation, whiteboard, and videos.

There is no doubt that presentation serves a major role in businesses and use of them enhances the understanding, engagement & leave a positive impact.

A company with the presentation is certainly counted well-equipped company than one without.

But what I noticed that businesses & people have limit the usage of presentation to one or two places only. Most of the clients come to us for getting presentation made just for one particular cause and they limit the use of the same to that particular use only.

Since presentations are well received by companies & people, certainly the use of same must be beyond the limited occasions.

Here are some use case, where you can use your presentation:

  1. Sharing introduction of the company: One of the most used cases of presentation is sharing presentation as the company profile. This makes sense also. You “Present” your company to someone instead ask them to go through website or printing brochure, you send them a company profile.

    Sharing introduction of the company

    This company profile is usually in form of either a PowerPoint presentation ( PPT) or in form in pdf format.

    Of course, you can use video & hybrid presentations but  mostly it’s in form of PPT & PDF

  2. As per the buyer’s journey: Very often companies make the mistake of keeping everything in one single presentation. People don’t want everything in one presentation deck, that may scare them to see 50, 60 or more slides.

    Different Presentations for Different buyer's stage of buying

    The proper use of the presentation is to minimize the information in the textual form and increase the visuals to make people understand well, engage well.

    Too much information may either confuse the audience or they tend to forgive the information, in both ways purpose ( n investment ) of making the presentation is not served.

    Prepare multiple presentations like company profile, product or service presentation, application or usage presentation, case studies etc. 

    You should share the information as per the journey of the prospects. In beginning share company profile, then product/service presentation, then maybe case study or application and so on until he/she ready to decide

  3. In the exhibition: Presentations are right for exhibition displays. You can ask your stall designers for a LED screen or projector and showcase presentation to your visitors.

    Using in Exhibition on TV/LED

    There are many people who don’t want to come to stall until they are sure what the company or product is all about.

    A video presentation, factory presentation or hybrid presentation would be most appropriate for exhibition displays.

  4. Reception area: Reception area or waiting area is the area where your presentation not only can keep your visitor engage but it will also educate them about company, culture or products etc. Again Video presentation is the right fit for this use. Use at office reception or waiting area
  5. Mail signature: As per the study, 124.5 billion emails are sent world over per day & around 121 emails are received by an average email holder. You can not imagine the reach of your presentation if you start sending the presentation link in your email signature.

    Use presentation in Email signature

    Visit, upload your presentation there and obtain the link. Place that link in your email signature and start counting the visit on your link at ShowToClients and you will know how many people are seeing your presentation.

    It’s a wonderful opportunity for spreading the word about your company. People prefer watching videos & presentation than reading websites. Now whoever receiving your email, may check out your presentation like your website.

  6. What’s up distribution: Messengers have changed the life we communicate and what ’s up made the history due it’s massive reach and utility. Around 55 billion messages are sent each day. You might want to take the advantage of this medium.

    Share presentation clips through What's up

    Ask your presentation designers to split the presentation in a small meaning full chunk and send video clipping in groups, individuals or leads.  You can also get the PPT converted into PDF and share it through what’s up.

    This is the fastest medium to reach anybody in the modern world. People check messages first & emails later.

    I hope with the above ideas to use your presentation effectively  & you may increase the ROI of your presentation designing. Let me know where else you have used your presentation and I would add unique idea in this article to help fellow businesses to use this impressive medium of presenting.