Visuals in any kind of presentation must have a flow between them

Business-presentations portray your business-ideas effectively. But the efficacy goes a notch higher if visuals integrated in a presentation have a rhythm or a flow which carries the meaning in an aligned manner. Your products or services make a deeper impact on your target-audience if their visuals add to the story other visuals in your presentation have created.

This effort of creating impact through the synchronization of visuals has to be different for different kinds of presentations. If it’s a PPT, every next slide must carry the visuals which have a clear linkage with the previous ones. If it’s a flash-based presentation, every visual must be in sync with the running voice-over and the previous and impending visuals.

Every visual in a presentation must be placed with the imagination that even if we take out the textual contents or verbal contents from it, the visuals alone would accumulate to become a story which is easily comprehensible to the audience. That’s why, simple visuals must always be preferred which are easily understandable. A visual complicated and loaded with multiple intricacies must be avoided in any kind of business-presentation. Simple images or videos are digested by the audience simply, they find their place in their cognitive space more easily which is what you want and which is what the purpose of a business-presentation is.

In fact, a PPT or a video presentation, your presentation must carry the visuals which enhance the textual or verbal contents respectively. So, in a way, these visuals also encapsulate your core ideas in themselves by having a flowing link going between them.