VisualBee increases impact of your PPT

When you prepare a PowerPoint presentation, you intend to establish or extend your business in a planned way. You try to get everything right in a PPT, whether it’s content, images, videos, font of the content or animations. But if you are flexible and aware of using some software, you increase the effect of your PPT by a fair margin.

There are some software-sets that automatically add to your PPTs with the apt built-up features and some minute particulars. VisualBee is one of those software-products up that augments your PPT with some suitable graphics, charts and design-variations.

VisualBee, an Add-in Microsoft PPT-package enables you to choose from a plethora of themes and effects for your PPT by putting them forward for you. These effects and themes catapult your PPT to a different category which is client-friendly and appealing in terms of design. Through the software, you get to clutch designs with hordes of specific, innovative and striking backgrounds and plenty of outstanding lay-outs. Automatic placing of images matching with the focus of each slide is a great asset to have here. Easy comprehension is the other USP of this software.

The free-version comes with designs for a maximum of 10 slides which can be grabbed and used for different PPTs highlighting different topics. The paid-version comes with designs for more slides and other advantages. You also enjoy this facility to eliminate the VisualBee-logo from your PPT-slides.