SMB (Small Medium Business)

More than ever and more than any business type , small medium business are impacting our economy. The large enterprises are adopting technologies and moving slowly for a greater business goal but at the same time SMB section is growing more fast and adopting innovation as tool of growth. A small idea, a group of people and little investment help them to start a new venture but hard work, risk taking capacity and trying different solutions help them to grow fast. These firms have become the primary source of jobs in country and producing 50 % to nation's gross domestic product.

Bharat Infotech has acknowledged importance of SMBs. We understand the specific requirements of businesses, the pain point and the need of marketing of product. More than 68% of our presentations are from SMB sector only. Today Company not only witnesses the success of these businesses but also feel part of the sector. Our commitment for this sector is consistent and we have special segment of information for these companies. Below are some activities which are specially made after study and understanding the SMB and found useful for all small and medium enterprises.

1. Website design, promotion and lead generation through search engines (SEO)

  • Website designing for google ( optimization in built ).
  • Landing page.
  • Researching on keywords and marking digital marketing strategy for establishing brand.
  • Promotion on sites like Google, yahoo, bing.
  • Implement online chat for interactive session with person visiting website.
  • Implementing Analytics and keeping track of visitors, bounces, time stay at website, lead capturing etc.
  • Keeping track of results of online promotion and ROI with reports on monthly basis.
  • Making changes in website as per requirement of analytics study and optimizing the website for maximum return and customer friendly.

2. Brand promotion and lead generation through Social Media or SMO

  • Making accounts on various social media websites like facebook, twitter, linked in, slideshare etc.
  • Making customized page for fanpage on face book, twitter and ppt for slideshare.
  • Updating regularly on all social media on behalf of company.
  • Increasing network with target clients.
  • Generating online query from these network by regularly following.
  • Making blog accounts and connecting it with existing website, social media sites and cultivating the return through optimization.

3. Digital media buying includes banner on Yahoo, rediff and other popular websites plus Adwords on Google

  • Buying slots on popular websites.
  • Creating banners for theses slots and measuring ROI.
  • Analyzing reports and optimize it for better results.
  • Making landing page for banner click.
  • Making adword account and ads for Google ad words for optimize costing of per click.

4. Multimedia Presentation with voice for marketing executives and architects.

5. Online advertisement campaign with large number of followers Please take a look of of Hindware 50 years celebration campaign being run on Hotmail and yahoo banner.

6. Monthly News letter design and content writing, offer page, new product promotion in market.