Make More Money & In Less Time

3 Month Action Plan​

Learn the frame work to implement in your business

Building The Basics

Learn how to build the foundation of marketing & build the strategy to turn a complete stranger into high paying customer

This month you will learn,

  1. Understanding all sources of business
  2. Deep understanding of the customer journey 
  3.  Building assets & placing them on various milestones of the customer journey
  4. Building a nurturing system using various communication channels 
  5. Have a daily outreach program including an Automatic & manual approach 

Material :

  • Get the Document
  • Avatar Worksheet
  • Checklist for client journey
  • Assets Building Worksheet
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Selecting channels
  • Outreach

Marketing system

Learn to build system that will attract new clients, nurture and help convert and make them loyal customer  without too much effort, time or money. 

This month you will learn.

  1. Finding/reaching new clients
  2. Attracting and getting them contacted 
  3. Nurturing and making them from cold to warm and then Hot
  4. Converting them 
  5. Make them repeat customer

Material :

  • Get the Document
  • Exhibition Cheat Sheet
  • Multichannel communication worksheet 
  • Best Practice for Linked in, Cold Email & Direct approach
  • A Leveraged System 
  • Growth Hack
  • Sequence Building Formula

Effective Sales System

This month you will learn how to handle the leads, increase trust factor, decrease CAC and qualify the leads to keep high paying clients & reject rest.

This month you will learn.

  1. How to handles leads that you acquire through exhibitions, portals, ads etc
  2. Building the trust factor from 1-2 to 7-8
  3. Qualifying leads for ideal clients & deal with high paying customers
  4. Use the rejected leads in your favour & build an aspiring brand
  5. How to convert deals?

Material :

  • Get the Document
  • Lead qualification Criteria 
  • Trust Factor Sheet
  • Brand Building Exercise
  • How to Build Sales Team
  • Sales conversion cheat sheet
  • Sales process Review 

A Secret of Building Wealth 

It’s not just making sure that your current business runs smoothly, but it’s acquiring wealth, living life & built your financial assets.  

In this bonus raining you will learn.

  1. How to target the last penny possible from one time client acquition
  2. Smooth Transition from Sales to Manufacturing to Delivery
  3. A Secret multiplier for wealth building
  4. How to use system & take maximum out of it
  5. Switching to Auto pilot of marketing

Material :

  • Get the Document
  • How to Get maximum from your lead
  • 5 steps to onboard clients
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Selecting channels
  • Outreach 

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