How Magnetic Engineering used Presentation for boosting business

An efficient way to win business

A company with very good knowledge & understanding of business related to Defense & PSUs guiding suppliers for these high profile sectors.

  • 70% lower time to educate about the business & process
  • 1.7X higher conversion rate than traditional process
  • 2X higher brand recall

Their Goal

Educate & showcase how to enter in high profile sector
Magnetic Engineering wanted to educate manufacturers & suppliers the process of entering the sector and where all places/stages company can help them in the process. By showing the interactive presentation, the company can quickly take the viewer through various sectors and showcase their strength. They can easily answer the queries with audiovisual media and educate the viewer more effectively in the least possible time.

Client Testimonial

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Over all satisfied with quick delivery with outstanding creativity. Will sure recommend Bharat Infotech for making multimedia presentation.
R. Murthy,
Executive Officer,
Magnetic Engineers

Their Solution

Presentation for high profile sectors

To take the client on the journey of the solution provided by the company, Magnetic Engineering decided to go for Presentation. They felt the best way to showcase it through audiovisual media. Since company deals in various sectors they decided to go for interactive presentation where one part of presentation is for their own company and other three parts are related to sectors like Defense, Navy & Dredging. Depending upon client’s interest they choose second part & play that after playing the first part through an interactive screen. 

Presentation flow:

1.   Introduction of company & solutions
2.   Services & consultation on
a.   Defense
b.   Navy
c.   Dredging

To promote services, the company book the appointment with clients in their office and in their comfortable conference room client can see the presentation while sipping coffee and discussing with Magnetic Engineers staff. After nine minutes of presentation, the client can then have Q A session one to one with staff members.  The good thing is after seeing the detail presentations most of his queries are answered and he feels more comfortable and confident about the company & their solution.

Products used Platform used Display Goals
Interactive Presentation Flash Projector Educating Target audience
Video Laptop Foundation formation

Their Success

boost in bookings

Bharat Infotech helped Magnetic Engineers to showcase
a. challenges in the industry
b. the strength of Magnetic Engineering
c. roadmap for future to do business with high profile sectors for the client.


70%lower time to make understand about the business & process
1.7X higher conversion rate.
2X higher brand recall