Present relevant contents only in presentations

With the advent of digitalization and smartphones, business-moves have become fast and pacy. Business-presentations have to be made accordingly. Engagement of audience remains as purpose but the identification of the needs of the audience has become increasingly important. You can engage them only when you seem to fulfilling their needs. That’s why, in presentations, you present only what is relevant to your target-audience.

Staying away from a barrage of contents is the fulcrum of any business-presentation now. If you make a PPT, keep the textual content on each slide to the minimum! If you are making a flash-based presentation, keep the voice-over-content to the minimum! Visuals are a great way to attract attention, but in this era when humans have been losing attention-span to a few seconds, you have to craft a fine balance of visuals with other contents in a presentation.

Designing of PPT-slides must not be chaotic or overbearing.  Simple and easy designs, aligned with the textual content on each slide, make more sense for a prospective client. Similarly, long and confusing videos in a flash-based presentation mar the entire purpose of the presentation. Striking visuals, which in every part depict a story by themselves, must be matched with the voice-over-content.

We are passing through data-driven times. Information is littered everywhere and every day it is piling up. But we have to save our business-presentations from this deluge of information; otherwise we are going to confuse our target-audiences. Excessive and disproportionate information on slides in a PPT or a prolonged voice-over-content with a heavy amount of information in a flash-based presentation acts as a diversion and takes away the meaningfulness from the content and presentation itself. Definitely, having less content with a perfect alignment of information makes our business-presentations more and more meaningful.