Performance-pointers of your business must be a proportionate measure

Every start-up is rooted in some deep vision. Extensive footing as a business, widespread visibility on varied social media platforms, a huge and overbearing list of clients and enormous and continued revenue-generation jointly reflect its goals in the long run.

Hence, keeping a constant eye on proportional measures of the growth of your business is imperative. These measures help you understand the scale of the business at a given time. How far you have been from your goals, how often you have achieved the targets, how profitable your venture has been, all of this and more can be analyzed. One measure or one component of the growth can’t tell the entire story.

Secondly, since every start-up has a different vision and their goals stem from their respective visions, they may have different preferences as far as goals are concerned. So, they must base their performance-pointers on these preferences. Summarily, different start-ups may have different pointers to assess their growth. Returns and revenue, number of customers and prospective customers, Lead-conversion-rate, Gross Merchandise Value, optimized supply-chain etc. are some of the pointers every start-up must take into consideration.

Though preferences in goals and performance-pointers of a start-up may also depend upon the kind of business it is involved in, yet a broad set of pointers can be said as generic. But assessing them separately is never advisable, when the performance-pointers of your business are assessed in proportion with each other, then only they show the true picture of its scale and growth.