Frequently Asked Questions

We understand, you have many questions in mind and we are happy to answer them one by one.
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In the given package, you will get AI-generated content. The content will be solely based on information that you will provide in raw format, which includes facts like the establishment year, management team, etc. 

 AI does a fine job on two conditions: 

  1. Feed the right information
  2. Feed the right prompt

We have provided service to over 1000 clients, and with experience, we can tell that you will get fairly close content for your business. Besides, you will also get two more options:  

  1. Provide your content
  2. Hire a professional writer

We have a team of writers who can extend their help in getting customized content as per your business and style. Talk to our team for a timeline and commercial rates for a writer. 

The package is fully secured with a 100% money-back guarantee. If you don’t like what we provide in the next 5 days, we will refund your amount. No questions asked.  

We are sure that you won’t need this guarantee, yet for any reason, if you don’t like what we provide, we don’t need your money.   

We will give you a written guarantee, and you will get your money back in the next 48 hours (excluding bank holidays).   

During the initial paperwork and quotation, you will be asked for your banking details for this reason only. 

This is a package, and even if you don’t need any of those services, we won’t be able to replace or reduce prices. 

These packages are not our regular offerings and are bound with time and services. While delivering the package, we will use all of our team members’ time, and in order to maintain the case flow, we need a 75% advance. You also have the option for a 50% advance on a slightly higher amount; speak to our team members, and they will guide you for the same. 

You will get one free revision in the package, and if you still need more rounds, then you can speak to the team, and they will help you with the 2nd or 3rd round of changes on a paid basis. 

You will be the owner of the domain & space. We are providing a free domain name & space on GoDaddy with an independent email ID specially created for you on Gmail, which will be handed over to you for next year’s renewal and keeping the ownership with you. You can make direct payments for the next year as per the standard charges of GoDaddy. 

We take end-to-end responsibility for the first year. You can reach out for any problem with email, website, minor changes in the website, PPT, creative, or any other help. 

We have a wonderful support team. We will provide you with three-tier support with phone numbers, email, and chat:  

  1. You can write an email at support@recherchedigital.com with a Cc to design@recherchedigital.com. We will respond to the email within 24 hours. 
  2.  In case you want to speak to a tech person or your client servicing executive, you can call them at 9999800375, 9540344454 
  3.   You can also chat with us through our website www.bharatgrouponline.com.

Yes, you can meet us at our office in Delhi by making a prior appointment by calling on the support numbers. 

We take 14 working days to deliver the complete service. You would only be able to share your first round of changes after 14 days when we have delivered the package. For changes, you will be exclusively provided 3 hours on a video call where you can speak to the tech or design team and get all corrections done in front of you. For more changes, you can send us an email, and we’ll revert them after making changes. 

Your support request will be assigned to a tech team/design team member, and they will speak to you and provide you with the exact time by when you will get your support.   

Usually, we handle all requests within 72 hours, and for priority service, you can ask the team member to help you first on a paid basis. 

Our services for presentation making is available worldwide.
Click here to start the process or email/call us at emarketing@recherchedigital.com +91-9540344454 / +91-9999344454