Founders One hour Pro Meeting Routine to Manage Your Company

This One hour Pro Meeting Routine skill not only helps me systematically manage all my companies but also helped me open a new company in the US during the peak of the pandemic in the year 2021.


Most business owners and founders drowned themselves to manage the company when it grows beyond their control.

And they don’t even think of trying anything new, like building more businesses..

Here is what I shared a few years ago in a TV interview about opening multiple companies.

Covid 19, compelled us all to think differently to keep businesses alive. We also faced the problem but instead of complaining… I started thinking.

Why One hour Pro Meeting Routine required at first place

Like many businesses, I thought of team collaborative tools like MS Teams, Zoom, Meet etc then once in a weekly meeting in the office or talking to teammates throughout the day but none of them seems to work without spending too much time or risk of health in the middle of a pandemic.

With various permutations & combinations, I was finally able to devise and mastered the skill of managing the company with the one-hour daily meeting routine that too using a simple phone call.

Yes, no fancy tool or collaborative software just an hour-long phone call on 10 key matrices with 4 department heads.

That’s ..it.

With this one-hour company management routine, I have been successfully managing and growing Recherche Digital, Showtoclients , Bharat Infotech and RCS LLC

The One hour company management routine for founders

As a founder, we all have a hunger for reports and these reports come in various sizes, shapes, colours & complexities which make it overwhelming for anyone.

Want to get rid of this tiring routine and enjoy working on the company rather than working in the company?

It all starts with you. Instead of knowing every single task, order or activity being done in the company, you must freeze key matrices and key people.


Key matrices should have all major KPIs included and a head of each department responsible for those KPIs

Just an hour-long conversation on these key matrices with Key people is all you need per day to run your business smoothly

I want to devote more time with team heads and stretch my meeting to one hour discussing the KPI in detail but if I want to, I can even conclude the meeting in just 15 minutes.

Being in the service industry, most of the information which I found important in my business are following.

You should check what is important for you in your business.

Component of reporting for Service-Based Business for One Hour Meeting Routine

  1. Total number of Running Project
  2. Total number of Projects on Hold
  3. Total number of enquiries generated
  4. Total Number of Meetings held today
  5. New Projects
  6. Total number of invoices pending payment
  7. Total Payment received today
  8. Total number of complaints
  9. Total number of contents published today
  10. Any urgent matter that requires my attention or decision making

The Thumb rule is to select KPI which truly reflects the performance.

As the saying goes, “if you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it”

Everything should have a quantified number. A quantified number keeps people accountable.

The number should be measurable & comparable so that you can improve it over time.

Don’t accept abstract statements, assumptions & guesswork.

Work with your team and make them understand that it’s plain numbers that are important and for now just focus on numbers.

The reason, delays, poor performance etc can be discussed in more detail, later or in another meeting. 

Key People: These are usually HODs, team leaders etc.  I have department heads report me on defined key matrices on weekdays and with that information, I keep the tap of the whole organization.

In Recherche Digital my key members are

  1. Tech Head
  2. Marketing Head
  3. Finance Head
  4. Content Head

Departments heads are responsible to pick those KPIs & figures from people working with them in their departments.

All key figures are then pulled out on a sharable one drive excel file.

Every working day at 5 PM the excel file is updated with new figures keeping earlier records intact, (which gives us the traceability) and we start our meeting at exactly 5:30 PM. All key people keep them free for this daily day end meeting at least for an hour

Ever since we started this routine ( it’s almost 2 years now) , I attended every single working day (except for three days where I was sick for one day and client meetings on the other two days )

This religious one hour meeting routine helped me to have a deep look at operations & give me the pulse of the organization.

I look for any possible improvement every day and share my views with HODs.

We do a quick discussion on problems, bounce new ideas and take an important decision right in this one hour call.

It gives two immediate benefits


It keeps leaders connected with the team at a respectful distance thus giving them the information they need to plan the business


It gives the access of leadership to key people working in the organization and builds a bond with key people.


Just by following these 10 KPIs and talking to these 4 four people for an hour every working day, I am managing my 8-figure highly profitable business for the last two years (we are work from home since 20 March 2020) by sitting in the comfort of my home or farmhouse.

Author : Harish K. Saini

Publishing Date : 1 February 2022