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How To Increase Exports ( & Overall Business ) In Four Months Or Less If You Are A Manufacturer.

If you are not currently 8 figure/ 10 million or above, pl do not apply

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Recherche can help manufacturing companies grow their exports & domestic business by using proven marketing & selling techniques based on studies plus experience. This is not a typical digital marketing program and uses digital as a last-mile delivery tool and gathering data to drive the best growth strategy for the company. We typically work with companies which are already doing more than 8 to 9 figures and currently facing below problems.

Growth seems stuck

You are regularly getting more or less the same result as in past years. It seems difficult to impossible to cross the mark.


Your previous clients are leaving, and new ones are not arriving at the same rate

The chasm is growing wider, and if nothing is done, the situation will quickly deteriorate. Your existing clients are leaving, and you are not acquiring new clients.

You looked into every other option on the market

 You tried everything from a consultant to an in-house expert to an outside agency, but nothing worked.

Your sales team has every other reason for failing to meet expectations

The economy is slowing, prices are lower due to competition, or there is a COVID impact. Everyone else is to blame but themselves.

Be part of 1000+ companies, including fortune 500 companies from the world over

If you are not currently 8 figure/ 10 million or above, pl do not apply

This isn’t a Digital Marketing Program

The Term “Digital Marketing” is over-utilized, less understood, and poorly implemented.

Being a technology company, we understand this very well. I have seen people & companies using and abusing digital marketing and selling the service as a magic wand which can miraculously turn around a dead business.

The truth… digital is hyped.

In reality, digital can only be effective as a last-mile marketing and sales tool if it is strategically positioned. There is no doubt that its reach and influence are massive, so we employ it in our programme, but it is strategically situated to perform precisely what we expect.

While offering various marketing and sales solutions to many manufacturing organisations worldwide, I saw that this sector seems to have been struck in the year 2000, leaving many benefits that modern sales and marketing have to offer. Even industries fail to use fundamental technology and digital marketing.

I decided to introduce this Stranger to Customer program just for manufacturers.

We have been offering services in parts to other manufacturing organisations, but our programme ” Stranger to Customer” represents the culmination of our collective efforts and experience.

From strategy to asset build up to advertisement to lead generation to lead nurturing even lead closing, we have been part of a lot’s organisation success.

Data Drives The Truth…

Data Drive

Failing fast, learning fast & scaling fast

Scaling Fast

I will show you how to track these numbers inside your company

yearly projects

Be part of 1000+ companies, including fortune 500 companies from the world over

If you are not currently 8 figure/ 10 million or above, pl do not apply

Here Is What We will Do For You

We begin by assessing your business in one LONG MEETING. Yes, in this one-on-one encounter, I or my trusted team member will sit with you virtually or physically and spend nearly an entire day discussing business, issues, and possibilities.

This call will discuss the majority of the areas for improvement, what has been tested, and what did or did not work with your firm. This understanding will be documented and verified by the founder before working on the Marketing strategy. 

Once the marketing strategy is in place, we’ll have a road map to follow and assets to create. Don’t worry; you won’t have to go about looking for content, video, factory shoots, web, mailers, creative, blogs, or messaging. Our expert in-house staff completes the project with peace of mind and excellence.

With ‘done for you’ service, your highway for success will be built step by step,  where you will be provided with road, vehicle and fuel to reach your success mark.

Just Not A Big Push.. But The Way Forward

This ‘done for you’ service will provide you with a strategy, an asset, and a walkthrough. But wait, there’s more. While we design the road to success for you, we also give training and a framework to help you maintain your momentum after the program.

With the right framework, you can lunch new products in new markets at any time without our help after this program.

You will feel empowered and confident after completing the program and applying the learning in an existing business or even to a new business.

The frame includes writing killer sales letters/mailers, copy for the landing page, and copy for your presentation, building a buyer’s persona, placing content around etc. With all these “fill in the blanks” and templates kind of resources, you can turn any average offer into lethal, sales generating machine.


We Love Giving , So Here What Else You Can Expect

We will not stop until we have determined the greatest strategy for your company to prosper. It’s similar to having a trustworthy partner in your firm but without equality.

Data is the new gold, and we’ll dig it for you. We’ll give you IMS, a lead recording, and nurturing software with tones of data for your evaluation.

We will set up the software, mailers, and even the mailing platform, frequency, best day for mailing, best time of day for mailing, bounce rate, open rate, conversion rate, and website analytics such as staying time, lending pages, demographics, and so on. In a nutshell, every piece of information is critical and has the potential to affect the trajectory of your business and that is why must be evaluated.


But You Know What…

You may be overwhelmed by this many tools, matters, and assets, and while they are really valuable, I believe they are less valuable than one thing….and that is “Mindset.”

Adopting new technology, ideas, and research, as well as giving up some of the things of the past, will not be easy.

Believe me, I’ve seen businesses and founders fail because they couldn’t shift their “Mindset” despite having the most advanced technology & people.

One thing I am certain of is that if these issues are to be resolved, “Mindset” will be the first thing to be improved. Making the decision to work with us and building strategies & tools is only half the work; changing your “Mindset” is the other half that will function as a charm alongside these strategies & tools.

Be part of 1000+ companies, including fortune 500 companies from the world over

If you are not currently 8 figure/ 10 million or above, pl do not apply

With 1000+ Happy Customer, It Is Difficult To Quote Everyone Here But Few From Clutch Are

Be part of 1000+ companies, including fortune 500 companies from the world over

If you are not currently 8 figure/ 10 million or above, pl do not apply

Want To Know More About Us?

That makes sense. Regardless of whether it is B2B, B2C, or D2C, one characteristic is common to all types: H2H. That is human to human communication. And,  before we do business, we need to have trust.

I come from a service-oriented household. I was raised to study well, get a good job, and live happily ever after, and I did just that… until my first day on the job after being hired off campus. On the first day, I discovered I wasn’t cut out for the job, and my first day became my last.

By disappointing my family, I was left to discover my fate, which boiled down to my first failed enterprise. It was a computer training institute that opened the world’s first cyber village in collaboration with IGNOU. I failed in that business, but my failure became my Master’s degree in business administration.

After 6 months, I started my own company. I introduced software for schools, which was way ahead of the market and crashed, then computer hardware, which was phased out in three years due to high competition, followed by Presentations, which was well picked up by the market and became a pioneer in the multimedia field within a few years.

Built the company to deliver solutions to people all around the world, launched the world’s first B2B presentation platform, and profitably sold the platform

We have garnered over ten honours throughout our journey, including the Business World firm of the year award, which was handed by the Honorable Minister of State for MSME.

We continued to serve businesses all across the world, effectively delivering services to Fortune 500 firms, government agencies, and startups.

In 2018, Niti Aayog in the central government selected me as a ‘Mentor,’ and in 2019, I was invited by the Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi to inspire and educate youngsters in Delhi Government schools about entrepreneurship, followed by CII for their Mentor programme.

With increased demand for services and global expansion, I chose to establish the company in the United States in 2021.

I developed the most of my abilities while creating my firms (3 in India and 1 in the United States) and assisting clients ranging from start-ups to corporations to governments.

With my acquired experience and skills, it is now my goal to assist other firms in scaling and expanding globally.

Be part of 1000+ companies, including fortune 500 companies from the world over

If you are not currently 8 figure/ 10 million or above, pl do not apply

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