Integrated Marketing Software

Privacy Policy

IMS is SAS (software as service ) modal software . All data shall be kept on cloud which is highly secure technology. We honor the privacy of each client, their staff & their clients and keep the record safe though various technological means. We do not share/sell such data in market. We however may use the data for analytic purposes in house for future development of software. We may also use the data for following

  • To understand the user behavior
  • To understand the bottle neck of software
  • For analytics purposes where we work upon various statistics which further be used for enhancing software better.
  • For sending out the mails if client opt for sharing common pool of data for mutual business development. By default this feature is enabled and can be opted out by sending a mail to
  • While giving demos to future customers in one to one meeting.

IMS is purely a marketing intelligence software, all data and it’s outcome or intelligence shall not be shared publically or otherwise.