IMS’ Advantages

1. Assessing an employee’s business-activity comprising
  • Introduction/ Proposal sent
  • Client-visits
  • Meeting-report/ meeting minutes
  • Follow up / Sample request / Next meeting
  • Email / SMS meeting reminders
  • Quotations
  • Auto Conveyance calculation on the basis of meeting
  • No fake/faulty Conveyance claims

2. With IMS, reporting will become an essential part of the office-culture in your company which in turn      will inculcate a strong sense of accountability in the employees towards the company. 

3. Instant start of marketing work for any newly joined employee.

4. Keeping track of amount spent verses result per client / per employee.

5. Provides a common platform, common synchronized updated information for employees of your company.

6. Management friendly daily consolidated EOD report.

7. Keeping track of all communication, database and advancement on a deal and even in case of     employee change, company can still proceed on deals where earlier employee left.

8. An interactive program that ensures effective flow of information from top-rung to bottom and vice-versa     in your company.

9. Distributed secure database of company’s confidential database & activity.