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Don’t lose business because of poor presentation

Golden Frame Presentations are designed to work on a deeper level & convert three times more business per presentation

Golden Frame Presentations

Frames are the most powerful persuasion tool for your sales team


Three Times More Conversion

Golden Frame Presentation  converts three times more than your standard presentation

Based on Human Psychology

The frames are based on human Psychology and work in any industry or any product or service

Deeper Connect with Customer

Golden Frame gains buyer’s attention from the beginning and holds it till the very end keeping them engaged and deeply connected

Ease out buyer’s cognitive load and place right information in right order

A standard presentation leaves the mind threatened to do so much cognitive work  

While Communication with frames is designed to save your customer’s cognitive load and, engage them in a journey where they feel connected, safe and guided with a kick of dopamine.

How Golden Frame Presentation helps you convert more business & revenue ?

Neutralise buyer’s defence

Remove Your target customer’s earlier biases & apprehensions to make them feel safe while making buying decision

Trigger Emotions

Emotion is the single largest factor when making any purchase. Golden Frame evoke emotions required for making purchase

Satisfy Neo Cortex with logic

Buying is first emotionally triggered and then logically justified by the Neocortex. Golden Frame provides logic which helps buyer to finalize the deal

Communication with frames is designed to save your customer’s cognitive load and engage them in a journey where they feel connected, safe and guided with a dopamine kick.

Instead of reading boring information like a company ‘about us’ or ‘mission & vision’ etc., Golden frame presentations show them the information the way they want to see it in a series of slides, and your customers move slide by slide, consuming all information which they find interesting & useful to them. By the time they finished their study presentation, they had made most of their mind and became warm enough to be converted by answering some of their questions & pricing details etc.

Our clients using Golden Frame in their business are super happy, and converting 2 , 3 even 4 times more deals

Golden Frame Presentation

Turn your standard presentation into a powerful deal converting machine which compels your customer to think and take buying action

The results that we have seen in our client's businesses are outstanding, and we can guarantee its effectiveness

Some of our esteemed clients from 1000+ customers in 50+ industries in 10+ countries

Golden Frame Presentation is based on Science ( Not magic) it works best when you have the following

Good Product & Service

Golden Frame is meant to leverage the good quality product or service. If your product or service is not good enough no matter how hard you try , it simply won’t sell

Presenting to Right Audience

Poor prospecting  brings poor results. Presenting something or anything to a person who is not at all interested in buying or doesn’t need a product or service is simply a time waste exercise

Have presenting & Sales skills

Golden Frame presentation require a presenter or sale person who knows how to present or handle meetings. A newbie or person with poor presentation & sales skills will not able to sell even by using Golden Frame

If you have everything above then use it in your business for 30+ meetings and if you don’t get results, claim your full refund