Free POSH Presentation Slides, for secure Workplace Vibes

POSH act was passed by the Govt of India in 2013 & is a gift to all the working women out there.

By celebrating the International Women’s Day, we are here making available Free Design Slide Templates for awareness of Prevention Of Sexual Harassment (POSH) on Women’s Day, March 8.

We have designed the slides explaining every basic detail of the workplace ‘gender and moral ethics’. Our Free Template on POSH PPT is ready enough to be used even without any further input or edit. The template contains suitable POSH training module too.

Marking the day of 8th March as not just Women’s Day, but as a day to do something good for the working community out there, we came up with the idea to do this. Happy Women’s Day to you all.

We feel our effort would help in making workplaces a better and safe location to work, for everyone.

Q.1 Are the POSH slides made for use in any specific region?

The POSH slides are crafted to be universally understandable, although the names used inside could be edited according to the region (if needed).

Q.2 Is this POSH presentation compatible with Google Slides?

Google Slides supports the file extensions of Microsoft PowerPoint; hence it is compatible to be used on the Google Slides.

Q.3 Is it a whole presentation about POSH, or just a few design slides?

We have made a complete presentation over POSH, and the same could be used directly, and as a free theme template on POSH too.

Q.4 Is the template free for commercial usage?

POSH PPT is free for educational, professional, commercial usage; which means FREE! with no restrictions to use POSH templates whatsoever.

Q.5 Can I ask for any additional help from Recherché for presentation over same topic if I need?

Without a doubt, Yes. You will find us here.

Our Free POSH PowerPoint Design Slides would come equipped with:

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Here is the content you can find in POSH PPT that you will download:


Title- Law towards Sexual Harassment in India
(The legal content written in this slide is to be written as it is)

The intent behind these laws is to:

  • Prevent Harassment
  • Protection, and
  • Doing Redressal against any such complaints

Slide- 3

Title- Sexual Harassment at Workplaces

Deed with the following attributes is Workplace Sexual Harassment:

  • One which is Unwelcome
  • Is Sexual, both covert and overt
  • Makes the recipient Uncomfortable

Affect over the receiver would be counted, not the Intent of the doer.


Title- What type of actions constitute Workplace Sexual Harassment?

  • Making Physical contact or Advancement
  • Demanding or Requesting for Sexual Flavours
  • Passing Sexually coloured comment/remarks
  • Showing Pornography


Title- What defines a Workplace?
Any space where the hired personnel visits for the work, including transportation.

  • Office
  • Personal space of the senior or hiring authority
  • Company Guest House or Hotels


Title- Who all are covered under this law?

  • Full Time/ Temporary employees
  • Contractual Workers
  • Daily wage employee
  • Probationer
  • Intern
  • Trainee
  • House Keeping Workers
  • Security Workers
  • Representatives of Clients or Vendors
  • Volunteers (with or without stipend/salary)


Title- Sexual Harassment Examples

  • Gazing, leering, vulgar gestures, cat calling, doing kissing sounds, lip smacking and biting.
  • Showing sexually vulgar things like image, video, or other objects
  • Unhealthy comments and dirty jokes over women’s body and clothing.
  • Abusing power by demanding sexual favours and threatening for ‘loss of job’ over same.
  • Touching, caressing, leaning, kissing over someone’s body.
  • Blocking path, following/stalking and cornering.

Slide- 8

Title- More examples of Sexual Harassment

  • Addressing as darling, baby and indirect remarks.
  • Placing work conversations in sexual tone.
  • Sharing and telling non-veg jokes and obscene stories.
  • Spreading lies about sexual orientation.
  • Interrogating about sexual desire and fantasies.
  • Winking eyes, lip licking and kissing pouts.


Slide- 9

Title- What defines ‘Unwelcome’?

  • Any action done without the consent, or is regarded ‘offensive’ by the recipient.
  • If the recipient is not complaining, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the action is welcome.

Some comments and actions, which are openly insulting or demeaning.


Title- Distinction of Behaviours



       Feels uncomfortable

         Feels comfortable

       You don’t indulge in it

         You too indulge in it

        Makes feel Helpless

           You are in control of the situation

         Abuse of Power

            Equality in stature or situation



            Raiding Privacy

             Respecting Privacy

             Depletes self-respect

             No self-respect is harmed

            Causes Fear

               No cause of Fear

            Makes angry or sad

              No negative emotions




Slide- 11

Title- Workplace Sexual Harassment has two categories

  • Give and Take
  • Malicious surrounding

Slide- 12

Title- Give and Take

As the name suggests, it means some exchange of favour for an advantage. ‘Give and Take’ becomes sexual harassment when,

  • Any sexual favour is asked for employment, or any special treatment during employment.
  • The employee is threatened if he/she doesn’t comply to such offer.

The action of ‘asking’ any favour of sexual in nature, could be open, or hush/indirect.

Slide- 13

Title- Malicious Surrounding

A Malicious Surrounding means,

  • Derogatory discussion or speech about someone’s sexual nature in discussion or speech.
  • People or person being intimated or harassed by the peer/s. This could be covert or overt.

Slide- 14

Title- Will this be counted as Sexual Harassment?

Slide- 15

Title- Number One

Ketki and Milind work in an accounting firm. Milind is Ketki’s head in the office.
He often asks Ketki to go out for a dinner/movie after the office, but hesitatingly Ketki declines him.
One Day Milind tells Ketki, that if she doesn’t agree on his offer this time, her increment would not be approved by him.

Slide- 16

Title- Number Two

Arjun and Monica are part of a project team in the college department. They both report to their senior Malik. Seeing the hard-work and efficiency of Monica, she is selected as a core member of another and prestigious college project. Nirav being senior and more experienced than Monica, didn’t like this.
So, he started spreading fake rumours about ‘some relationship’ between Malik and Monica.
This word slowly spreads out in the whole college.


Slide- 17

Title- Number Three

Ritu has recenty joined as a fresher in a company. Parvez is assigned as her trainer for some period. Parvez is the lead of the team, which Ritu wants to join. She approaches Parvez for the same, and looking at her esteem, he agreed to her joining once her training period is over.
After the training period is over, Ritu joins Parvez’s team. During the course of them working together, Parvez asked Ritu for lunch various times, and Ritu went with him willingly, each time.
But slowly, as the workload increased for Ritu, she wasn’t able to accept lunch offer with Parvez. But he kept her asking, via messages and plethora of mails.


Slide- 18

Title- Number Four

Anita sent some pictures of a negligibly dressed women to Kartik.
Kartik replied her to stop sending, and never send such pictures ever again.
But Anita kept repeating it.


Slide- 19

Title- Number Five

Latika was entering the office gate, suddenly Hiten came from behind, tapped her back, and said that she is looking hot in this yellow saree.
Latika didn’t like it, she stared at Hiten and conveyed him to keep his hands away from her.
Hiten understood it, and apologised for his current behaviour. He also vowed, to never repeat such action to her again.


Slide- 20

Title- Number Six

Ankur and Yana joined a tech firm, a year ago as trainees. After one year, Ankur started asking Yana to go out on lunch or movie with him. Yana refused to do so. Ankur sent a message to Yana stating that he loves him, and she is his heart.
After reading this message, Yana was in a state of shock and out of fear, took two days off from the office.
After this, Ankur sent her multiple messages asking that where is she, how is she, and he is really worried about her.
Ankur cares for Yana, and wants to be in a relationship with her.


Slide- 23

Title- Sexual Harassment Consequences

After receiving the complaint of harassment, due investigation would be done, and the credibility of the complaint would be identified.

If the complaint is found positive, strict remedial actions would be undertaken.


Title- Measures against sexual harassment could be:

  • Perks and terms which were struck-off from the complaining party, during the period of harassment mentioned, would be re-instated.
  • Corrective actions against the guilty person:
  • Formal/Written warnings.
  • Descending from the current designation.
  • Suspension, and
  • Termination

Slide- 25

Title- What does not constitute as Workplace Sexual Harassment?

  • Making to follow up on work, due to being absent.
  • Disapproving action for deadline and work reasons.
  • Physical contacts like touching, tapping or brushing, without any sexual intent or intimation.
  • Practical feedback about the job.
  • Work-related emergency communication during late night hours.
  • Complimenting someone without ill-intent.


Title- Lessons to deal with Sexual Harassment

  • It is not normal, so don’t ignore it.Don’t try to make it like you didn’t feel awkward, let the person know that the action he/she did made you uncomfortable.
  • If things don’t stop there, Report to ICC. Let the ICC know about complete incident, in full detail.
  • Whatever happens, don’t make it your new normal. Not letting the person know, or not complaining to ICC, will build the confidence of doer in one way or the other. Don’t accept such behaviour by making it a habit.

Slide- 27

Title- Lessons to deal with Sexual Harassment

  • Listen to the one harassed. When someone wishes to talk to you about their such experience, listen to them with complete care and attention. If applicable, direct them to ICC.
  • You may file a complaint for someone else too. It’s not necessary for only the one being harassed to file the complaint, if you are finding something wrong happening with someone around you, report it yourself on their behalf.

Slide- 28

Title- Safeguarding against reprisal actions

Reprisal Action Includes:

  • Demoting or rebuking someone of their work or post in workplace.
  • Demeaning publicly.
  • Threatening you, or someone close to you, physically or psychologically.

Slide- 29

Title- Safeguarding against Reprisal Actions

  • POSH Act denotes retaliatory acts as a grave violation of it. Any sort of reprisal against the complainant is prohibited, and would be taken very seriously.
  • If you receive reprisal in such forms:
  • Threatening
  • Compelling to take the allegations back.
  • Terrorising for participating in further proceedings.
  • Reprisal would be a serious violation, and the committee could take very strong action towards such act.
  • If retaliation is found to be happing, severe measures would be taken against the retaliator.

Slide- 30

Title- Relationships with mutual consent

  • Mutually consensual relationships are not classified as harassment, if the people involved in the relation agree to it.
  • But, if such action is making you uncomfortable, then this sort of behaviour could be inducing malicious surrounding.


  • Actions considered normal once, are not normal anymore.
  • Any party in the relationship could cut down the bond at any time, without fearing for reprisals at workplace.
  • Once the relationship is no more, any act which was considered normal earlier, could be termed sexual harassment now.