Advocacy: A Free Lead Generating Technique which is Overlooked by Businesses

Businesses spend millions of dollars producing leads and are so focused on creating a new business that they have completely overlooked one tremendous business instrument that is completely free.

In our business, we enjoy more than 50% conversion rates and millions in business by simply placing this “technique” in marketing

This free yet powerful technique is “Advocacy “

The advocacy requires outstanding delivery of your service or a wonderful product.

 With so many competitors, it is difficult to woo customers, but it is our job as entrepreneurs to create that distinct difference between our product or service and our competitors.

There is another way also but that is harder.

If you can create new products/services and offer outstanding results, you won’t have to worry about competition for a long time and you’ll be the pioneer in your industry, but as I previously stated, it’s usually difficult to come up with anything better than what’s already there.

In a tough market, pleasing a customer is a difficult task but good thing is, once he is pleased, he can become your “ brand ambassador” and help you get free mouth publicity, trust in the market and more clients/business eventually. 

NPS stands for Net Promotor Score and this is a wonderful tool to measure customer satisfaction. As you can see, it has a scale of one to ten, each specifying the impact on your business. 


Most business as surveyed by us, happy to achieve customer satisfaction which is not enough.

You see, satisfying customer ( 7 & 8)  means he is just ok with your service and got worth of money he/she spent but he is vulnerable. Why… as he is not impressed enough ( 9 or 10 on scale)  to buy from you again or to refer somebody to you

Now, Don’t you think,  that is a loss for the business? 

You could have pushed him/her bit more to take him/her to next level that is “Elated customer”   (9 & 10) with you outstanding delivery experience or product.

Understanding NPS Calculation

Calculate your NPS using the answers of the feedback questions, using a 0-10 scale: How likely is it that you would recommend [brand] to a friend or colleague?

Respondents are grouped as follows:

  • Promoters (score 9-10) are loyal enthusiasts who will keep buying and refer others, fuelling growth.
  • Passives (score 7-8) are satisfied but unenthusiastic customers who are vulnerable to competitive offerings.
  • Detractors (score 0-6) are unhappy customers who can damage your brand and impede growth through negative word-of-mouth.

Now go ahead and minus the % of Detractor from % promotor and you will get you NPS number.

Considering above calculation, What I propose to you here, to first figure out from following

  1. What is USP of your business? A Unique selling proposition which differentiate you well from your competitors. Remember it’s should not be “apple to apple” competition it should be clearly “an apple to orange”  difference so that customer can clearly see the reason for selecting your product/service from your competitors.
  2. Give the experience: Client Experience is usually neglected by companies and they just care about delivering product or service. If planned well delivering of service or product itself become differentiator factor from your competitors.
  3. Have a proper feedback system in your company: 
    1. Clearly define what are the parameters on which you would like to take feedback. 
    2. Don’t keep too many questions & limit them up to 10.
    3. Give enough room & use the proper language so that they can give you a clear answer
    4. Use number/rating system so that they can scale you say from 1 to 10
    5. Take the final verdict in your last question for example ask

“ What is your overall experience with us from 1 to 10 “ 
“ How you rate your overall experience with us from “ 1 to 10” 
“ Based on your experience how likely you will recommend our service to your friends & family “ 1 to 10” and you will clearly see what is your NPS score. It is indicative enough that whether he ll be your brand ambassador or not.

Connect the customer feedback to your product/service or delivery experience and make an appropriate correction to see it’s the impact on next customer and so on, until you get a perfect score which your business generation to autopilot. 

Here is a step by step process of advocacy program

  1. Find out your business USP ( unique selling points)
  2. Based on USP, deliver the service or product 
  3. Increase the Customer Experience while delivering Service/product
  4. Prepare Feedback Questions / Poll and share them with the client after delivery
  5. Generate your NPS score on the basis of feedback
  6. Make corrections in your service/product or customer experience and check again with another customer 

Let me know if you need more help with developing an Advocacy program, I would be happy to help you implement the system in your organisation. 

Author : Harish K. Saini

Publishing Date : 30 May 2022