How to get regular flow of business with Automation?

It goes deeper than just price or competition

How will you feel when you know that all your marketing mechanism is on autopilot and still you possess total control over them?

How will you feel when you know that one part of your business is done cautiously and timely, just as you always wanted it?


At least that’s what I felt when this whole intelligent marketing automation was adopted and activated with unlimited potential in my organization.  

Before that, I used to be worried about campaigns and their results, follow-ups, answers to queries and lead conversions into business. [Exhaustive ]

The bottom line is that one human error and a lead with substantial commercial potential may be lost forever.

And if you ever ran the marketing department or allotted the budget for it, you know first-hand that it is indeed a costly affair to generate quality leads, which also means that any lost information or poor follow-up results in a conspicuous financial dent for company.

A constant worry deep in mind for any entrepreneur is widespread, and that is “what if “?… What if the team is not following the leads, what if different stages of information to business are not being updated into the system correctly, and so on! What happened to that specific lead?

Was it converted or dropped? If dropped, what was the reason behind it? How do I know the recurring worries of an entrepreneur?

Because, like any other businessman, I have been through all of this and faced the consequences, with When What If etc., not being taken care of.

But challenges are always helpful for entrepreneurs since they push hard to get the solution. And if you are like me, you’ll make and arrange a system for your company, and if you don’t find one in the market, you will design & develop it in-house.

Marketing Automation

Automation is an ongoing process in any company, and it serves many purposes:

  1. Since it involves minimal human assistance, Automation eliminates human error at our workplaces, creating a process which does not require human cognitive efforts in the execution of different operations.
  2. Since there is minimal human involvement for a host of processes in our automated work environment, our workforce can focus on other critical issues and opportunities.
  3. Since automated applications control and monitor different tasks and services for us, we save a good chunk of time & money by taking out the previous human involvement in those tasks.
  4. With Automation solving problems and enabling customers to grab the assistance they need timely, we not only apply fewer resources to get simple tasks done for them but conspicuously provide a far better customer experience to them.

Marketing Automation: Role of humans

I am not suggesting eliminating the human elements from processes. I am a big advocate of humanization, but using the right strength of the human workforce in the business is vital these days.

Humans are good at doing cognitive work, differentiating us from other creatures and even keeping us above computers.

 According to a global study released recently, the presence of Automation in the workplaces is making work environments more human.

Using people in designing strategies, conceptualizing and designing content is a more appropriate utilization of human strength.

Technology, on the other hand, has its own merits.

With Marketing Automation, providing brands more time and resources to provide top-notch, long-lasting customer experiences instead of exhausting their time on simple interactions, business conversions, dependability and cost-saving were never easier than now.

Automation in marketing shall undoubtedly help you garner and gain more business without hiring additional workforce or experts.

And if you are a number-guy, who believes in facts, figures and data, then this article should help you with reasoning.

Inside the Marketing Automation System

In most businesses, the marketing wing usually remains busy crafting messages, choosing the most appropriate channels to broadcast the messages and then taking care of feedback emerging from the exercise.

But if you notice closely, most of the time, it’s the same message, with a bit of tweaking here and there, sent out through usual channels, answering the same queries to different people. Can you see the pattern?

Yes, the Department Heads remain busy but most of the time on a redundant task which can be automated with much more efficiency & accuracy.

The intelligent marketing system, if implemented correctly, works like a big marketing machine, fully programmed and customized to your business.

It takes care of many customer interactions, from sending out the campaigns to providing the queries’ answers, from guiding users to the right products or services to even making them buy them.


And it’s not over.

The system can also deal with the people who just showed interest but did not convert (you know this is a large chunk) with a bit of human assistance.

The system chases your prospective clients in a very subtle manner.

It keeps them regularly updated with your offers/discounts/product-information/company campaigns. Whenever they are ready to make the required action or simply buy your products or services, your company shall be the one they would opt for.

Not only this, this automated marketing mechanism even brings up marketing intelligence for you.

The intelligent system also pushes the lead to tell you where is the bottleneck. Why is he not buying from you? Do you know the worth of this feedback? I don’t know about you, but I can spend thousands to understand why a specific lead has not converted into business for me.

Humanization is the next part.

My submission above elucidates that using humans with the right strength is essential.

Marketing Automation does not mean working without humans; it is quite the opposite.

Both Automation and humans, in conjunction, can bring in solutions for customers of their complex problems seamlessly.

That is why I have favoured the Humanization of Technology for a considerable time.

Your competitors will go on old ways, spending big money and settling down on average results. Still, you can be miles ahead with greater flexibility, more profound reliability, superior customer experience, and infraction of costs.

Automation is here to play a pivotal role in the supreme customer experience of the future.

While most people are interested in Automation for marketing only, there are several other avenues like HR, Accounts, Operations, Customer Experience, etc. It can be implemented with its added advantages.

Following are some other aspects of content marketing, Digital Marketing strategy, in case you are wondering how technology & a business plan can change the way you do business by making it more efficient & profitable:

Author : Harish K. Saini

Publishing Date : 28 April 2022