digital marketing strategy

Shooting in dark and getting lucky is not a good strategy.

At Recherche Digital we get regular requirements of websites and presentations, brochures, and most of them are one of the requirements. Digital Marketing Strategy


case study building

Building Case Studies is one of the most impressive ways of marketing a business.

Being a relatively new marketing media in the industry ( and some might argue even if it is a marketing material ), its importance and usability as marketing material cannot be ignored.

inbound sales outbound sales marketing

I see a lot’s confusion and difference of thought on the type of marketing. Few are in favour of inbound sales, some are an advocate of outbound sales, and other few are happy with ABM. In this article you will learn Inbound sales, Outbound Sales and ABM


long medium short form content

“Isn’t this content very lengthy? ” After all, nobody these days reads the long copies?” remarked the CEO of a firm that had inked a marketing and sales transformation deal with Recherche Digital for 10X more conversion.


be more profitable business

In the quest of making profits, founders spend so much time, energy and money, especially on the top line of business and generate a good gross profit but fail to increase the net profit.


10 ways to win business for small company

Congratulations if you have just started a new company. With many opportunities and successes to come, there are some immediate challenges.


customer onboarding tips

Customer onboarding is an important step as it sets the future expectation and company image for the newly acquired client.

A positive image in the customer mind…

one hour meeting routine for busy founders

This One hour Pro Meeting Routine skill not only helps me systematically manage all my companies but also helped me open a new company in the US during the peak of the pandemic in the year 2021.


automation for marketing

How will you feel when you know that all your marketing mechanism is on autopilot and still you possess total control over them?

How will you feel when you know that one part of your business is done cautiously and timely,


Customer Journey

A buyer’s journey is a visual representation of a typical prospectus journey from starting, i.e. knowing about your company or products and then going through various stages to become a loyal customer.