Deadlines and excellence, both are indispensable in corporate-corridors

A target in corporate-corridors has a big underlying significance. Excellence in job and value-addition are the other buzzwords. Having them in tandem with each other is quite a task. Finishing assignments in time, finishing them with the utmost superiority and finishing them with useful value-additions, achievement of all of this simultaneously becomes an exceptional accomplishment which is not that easy.
You want not to compromise on quality of the work and concurrently you want to complete it within the set cut-off date. If you have the real and deep understanding of your work, you would generally meet the target. Getting the right brief and grasping it right from your seniors or bosses helps you further. This all-important brief enhances your understanding of the work assigned. The understanding of the work can be defined as comprehending the very nub of the demands of your customers. If you get to know their real requirements, more often than not you would deliver results within the time-limit and with the requisite excellence.

In this competitor-stuffed business-world, we must have a long-term vision to gain the lead. Compromising on quality can make you meet target-deadlines, but its ramifications are enduring as customers short-changed on quality of products or services would definitely not come to you again. At the end of the day, it is the customer-experience which matters most and which comes with the excellence, value-additions and correct time-lines. If ever standards of work and time-lines clash for you, you must give precedence to quality. But you must back it up with a proper and continuous communication with your clients. If they get to know the delay in the delivery of services beforehand, they would be mentally prepared and accordingly set their plans in advance.  
Though time-overruns are generally not deemed an acceptable pattern in the corporate-circles, yet maintenance of the quality in products or services vindicates them with logic. But a timely communication and engagement with clients is mandatory.