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Recherche Digital has consistently applied best standards at corporate governance level and anticipated the recommendations on improvement of corporate governance practices. Company's Board and management related information are available below.

Harish K Saini, Managing Director and Founder, Recherche Digital

Harish k Saini has been Managing Director of Recherche Digital Pvt Ltd since 2016.

He also headed Bharat Infotech, award-winning, next-generation Multimedia Presentation & Software company offering a solution to corporate, companies on a various subject like Marketing, HR, Branding, Product & Company etc. with a strong focus on customer service. Bharat Infotech has provided it's services around the globe including the fortune 500 companies in it's customer list.

As the founder at Bharat Infotech, Harish K Saini is focused on helping to grow the company into the next trajectory through his experience & IT solutions. His penchant for exploring business in Digital Domain came handy in establishing the "Show To Clients". Over the years, Harish has acquired a deep understanding of every function of business. He has a keen interest in Strategy, Marketing and use of Digital Media in Business Generation. Harish is also frequently called by Indo-German Chamber of Commerce, PHD House & British Embassy for business development with respective delegations.

Before founding Bharat Infotech, Harish was associated with IGNOU, India's leading open learning University in 1999-2001 for it's CEE computer Program. Harish was also first to launch India's first Cyber Village in Sonipat Haryana, which was inaugurated by then 'Director of IGNOU, Mrs.Anita Dighy' and covered by National TV and News channels.


The General Management Committee

The role of the Recherche Digital General Management Committee is to develop and execute the company strategy and to ensure value is delivered to clients, shareholders, partners and employees. The General Management Committed, led by Harish K Saini, Managing Director, is in charge of the global Management.

Harish K Saini

Recherche Digital Pvt Ltd, Director

Anju Sharma


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