A cautious use of Videos, Audios & Animations elevates your PPT

A PPT with its conventional features is in itself a powerful medium to get a message across to target-audiences. Textual matter, images, designing with an accurate selection of font, size, colour-combination etc. and various other nuances make it an impactful communication-package. Used sparingly, Videos, audios and animations can also add the required weight, reliability and winsome punch to this kind of presentation.

Videos lend belief-factor to any presentation, so in a PPT also, a skillful use of videos provides support to the facts and figures there. A synchronized use of videos elevates all the other contents in a PPT for sure, but they must be used if there is the real purpose. Similarly, a harmonized voice-over, background tune or audio-testimonials lift up the over-all meaning of the presentation. But these audio-tools must be used if the situation demands, with the fact in the mind that there is no necessity to use them on each and every slide. They can be used as and when you think they will strengthen the corresponding contents.

Movement on the screen always interests people. An animation has movement and if you ingrain and depict some definition in it, it becomes engaging as well as a simplifying medium for any message. You can create and modify time-length of animations with various effects as per your requirement. You can have them on all the slides or on some of them, again as per your requirement.

But videos, animations or audios, they must be incorporated in a PPT, if they come in your mind as a better medium to convey its core message. Their premeditated use ruins the entire effort. Secondly, their assimilation must not break the rhythm of the PPT or make it harder for audiences to understand the gist of the presentation in a seamless way.