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Here are a few of our 1000+ customers whom we provided PowerPoint presentation services

We provide our PPT Presentation designing services to big and small clients equally. Some of our esteemed clients are from the corporate world, and many of them are SMBs. We would love to have "you" in our growing list of clients.

Some of Our Case studies

Nokia PPT Presentation

February 2020 India was not yet restricted under the norms of Corona lockdown. To maintain our promise to the deadlines which we already had, we were hitting our fingers on the keyboards in our office, and just then, Team NOKIA made a Wild Card Entry. This was not the first time when a team from NOKIA had called on us, as we had earlier worked for their parent HMD Global. And when they reached out, our Management got in touch with them.

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ISRO Antrix PowerPoint Presentation

Antrix Corporation Limited, the commercial arm of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), made an important announcement. Antrix required a presentation that ISRO could present internationally for taking orders for commercial satellites which would be launched into space. We realized how important the opportunity was and how much effort we would have to put in. It was a moment of endless joy for everyone at Bharat Infotech.

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PPT Deck for Abbott

Abbott, a highly trusted healthcare company, turned to Bharat Infotech. Abbott required a presentation at the earliest possible timeframe. It had an international conference, where it had to present an imposing presentation. The overseas conference was very important for Abbott and just a couple of days away! The content was standard and definitely could not be presented in its original form.

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Award-Winning PowerPoint Designers for PowerPoint Presentations

Making a PowerPoint Slide design is an Art as well as Science. We at Recherche Digital, a presentation design company, are proficient in both. Our PPT makers & project managers know how to put the best in front of the audience through storytelling, animation, data representation, graphs & figures. If you need a most impressive designer work, professionally crafted Presentation, then you are at the right place. Talk to our talented PowerPoint designers to get the best presentation, pitch decks & PowerPoint template for your company.

Common problems faced by executives while designing PowerPoint Presentations

Not enough time to create an
outstanding PPT Presentation

Very often not familiar with
PPT presentation making platforms

Final outcome
is not professional enough to beat competitors

All of these cause unprofessional PowerPoint presentation designs and the ruined image of companies, and finally, executives shy away from sending those PPT presentations or present them to their respective target audiences. Companies do not only lose the opportunities but fail to utilize the true potential of their executives.

Know the cost of poor-PowerPoint Presentation

What did your company do to deserve such an unprofessional PPT Presentation?

Nothing. So, get yourself the latest & professionally designed PowerPoint presentations so that they can be presented confidently. The PowerPoint designers at Recherche’ Digital can help you with the presentations on your brand story, products, or services, which elevate your company’s image instantly. PPT presentation design services

Busy executives are more productive when involved in their core work rather than in making a PPT presentation.

We are a PowerPoint Designing Company and proficient in both. If you need the most impressive PPT presentation design services and professionally crafted presentations, then connect with one of our PowerPoint designers. Talk to our highly talented and experienced PPT designers to get the best Presentations, Pitch Decks, and Microsoft PowerPoint Templates for your company!

Busy executives are more productive in their core work rather than making a PPT presentation


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Presentation Designing Services

Our PowerPoint designers provide all solutions for making presentations starting from basic PowerPoint to advance voice-over-based multimedia presentation. So be it product presentation or service presentation, we can give you the best in-class presentation-making solutions. Our services are designed to give a one-stop solution where scriptwriting, voice-over recording, presentation-making, and burning CDs are provided. You can be relaxed by providing inputs and approvals during the process of making a presentation. Bharat Infotech is known for delivering high-quality products with timely deliveries. Unique CD Presentations and world-class Multimedia Presentations make us the number one choice in the industry. Read the full review about us here.


A PPT designer at Recherche' is always keen to give you a top Microsoft PowerPoint Design for your impending presentation.

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Multimedia Presentation Designers

Solve the purpose of showing your products and services to your customers in an engaging way (Animations, Voice, Video, etc.).

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AV Presentation

A Video Presentation is another platform where Recherche' can provide you with superlative services. We craft Corporate Presentations and Ad Video Films.

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With different ingredients to be compiled in order, there are many stages to complete a PPT. If we take a simple assumption of average time consumed for different regular tasks in making a PPT from scratch, a regular PPT consumes 36-38 person/hours on an average:

Task Hours
Researching/Writing/Creating the core text-content 6-7
Designing the Graphical Template & Theme + Layouts & Animations 6-7
Researching/Purchasing/Designing 10 Graphics, working with Photoshop + inserting in PPT 10
Designing/Editing 5 Tables & 3 charts of Financial Information & Analytics 6
Company-specific Charts and Process Diagrams 3
Meetings/Admin 5
TOTAL 36-38

Now imagine that you have recruited three of your internal staff to prepare the PPT. Working on an 8-hour schedule in the office, they work 176 hours in a month on a 5-day week basis. All of these three people work 528 hours collectively in a month for you in the office. Now assuming that your office needs to have at least 10 PPTs in a month, the total working hours needed for that would be 37x10= 370 (if we take 37 hours for 1 PPT for calculations). And if these presentations are ineffective, you are, in a sense, wasting nearly all the working hours or more of two of your staff every month. If all of them have an equal salary of $1,000, you are wasting $2,000 every month and $24,000 annually, which is a big dent in your office-centric budget & the real cost of poor presentation.

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