6 marks of a true entrepreneurship

Entering into the entrepreneurial arena is highly gratifying but opportunities and challenges make the journey intriguing. You start with a horde of plans and strategies, some of them click, some of them don’t. Steady progress everyday with pure business-ethics in the core is the real feature of the journey. In fact, entrepreneurship comes with some certain physical and mental aspects:

  1. Self-determination: When you start a commercial venture, decisions related to sales and marketing, design of products, mechanism of services, partnership, changes in products or services in due course, recruitment, client-acquisition, promotional campaigns etc. matter a lot and all the decisions more or less hinge on you. The way forward belongs to you with all the ownership attached to you.
  2. Routine: Now when you are an entrepreneur, you will have to set your priorities right. You will have to sacrifice a chunk of personal aspects of life in order to maintain a sustained attention to the business. These priorities condense to become your new routine. 
  3. Patient approach: Your dream for entrepreneurship provides to you with the requisite inspiring force which always gets reflected in goal-oriented investment of your recurrent efforts in varied domains. Your approach now must be to persevere.
  4. Innovative bent of mind: Market all over is replete with businessmen and entrepreneurs. Innovational alacrity is what separates you from the rest. If your products or services don’t possess any novelty or a prominent utility, you will have to face difficulty to sell them. Innovations keep you ahead in the race.
  5. Habit to face hindrances: In the business-parlance, it is said that if you don’t go through hindrances, everything is not right with your business. Failures, obstacles or impediments normally lead you up to innovations to get successful in your plans. As an entrepreneur, you must be geared up to go through the grind.
  6. Perception of business as a responsibility: When you think and make plans for your business on long-term-perspective, your goals also become long-term. You don’t start celebrating an apt implementation of a strategy or a grasp on a chunk of additional clients. Short-term goals keep you occupied and long-term goals ingrain a deep responsibility in you towards your job and society. Offering a top-tier product or a top-notch service becomes a responsibility in longer perspectives. And this responsibility keeps you attached to your vision for ever.

Being an entrepreneur may be an instant decision, but staying afloat with all the defined parameters of success is a demanding task. But after all, the continued process of overcoming those challenges after a period of time becomes a business-saga.