5 ways to make a natural voice effective for presentations

Voice is the greatest of assets humans have. Voice makes your personality and becomes your individuality as well. You are well defined by your voice. And in making presentations, voice becomes the most effective tool for you. You can mould your presentation as and when required on the base of your voice-modulations. A good voice makes explanations carry a punch and descriptions bear an impact. Planned intonations in presentations render them an emotional solidity. To achieve perfection in presentations, you can play with your voice by taking care of some simple things:

1. Place your inhalations subtly: When you speak for some time continuously, you need intakes of breath regularly to sustain yourself. But having gasps at wrong points like while you are describing something very vital, leaves a bad impression on the audience. Deciding beforehand where you will take breaths augurs well. And sometimes when you can’t control, do it but don’t reveal! You need practice for that.

2. Be calm: If you have rehearsed your presentation and know the topic well, you are confident. A confident presenter has an effective voice immersed in confidence and conviction.  If you are not calm, disquiet inside can diminish the quality of your voice and your presentation can go awry.

  1. Present a nice stance and body-language: When you are standing properly or sitting in a relaxed but firm posture, your voice never cracks and you sound confident. A speech from a person who carries a confident and easy body-language is always heard properly.
  2. Right pronunciation and expression: Though knowing and speaking words with correct pronunciation is necessary for everyone, yet if you are a speaker, it is a must for you. Simultaneously, words should be spoken with right expressions. A regular flow of the presentation must have a different voice from the voice where you bring emphasis like on key-points for the audience.
  3. Modulations: A voice without modulations is a dry sound. When you present something specific before an audience, you must have an ascent and descent in your voice. The mere tone must say it all. Then, speaking about products or services and call-to-action, both automatically come in different intonations.

   Voice is a nature’s gift, but we can make it effective by adopting some behavioural methods and following some normal practices.