5 handy tips to craft Whiteboard presentations

Whiteboard presentations are an excellent way to present businesses. Craft of this kind of presentation is quite different from a PPT or Flash-based presentation. A Whiteboard presentation is a straight-vision portrayal of facts and figures. The duration of the presentation is generally less which corresponds well to the diminishing attention-span of today’s audience. You just have to keep few points in your mind while making a Whiteboard presentation:

  1. Facts wrapped in simple textual content: The facts of your business, products, services or the specific offering must appear on the screens in the simple language. Too much of text can spoil the passage of your message. Every word must contribute to provide a better understanding of the business-specifics.
  2. No overloading of background information: Too much of information on the screen may jeopardize your final purpose which is to convey significant information about your business to the target-audience.
  3. Chatty and lively voice-over: A normal and chatty intonation of voice-over makes the presentation quite effective in a way that the audiences think that somebody is talking to them one-on-one. And that’s why it is necessary for you to keep the texts on the screen or Whiteboard to the minimum so that they don’t interfere with the flow of the voice-over.
  4. A story-like description: Tales have this great pull on the audiences. Any fact woven in story fascinates people. If you present your business with all the intricacies of a story having a proper opening and ending, your Whiteboard presentation will serve the purpose for you in a seamless style.
  5. Question and answer: Putting questions or showing some problem right at the beginning and giving answers specifically make the presentation more and more precise.

    The whole purpose of any business-presentation is to get your target-audience excited to the extent that they take a Call of Action towards your offering in a prompt manner and if constructed and crafted properly, Whiteboard presentations are quite effective.