4 tips to settle on types of stories in a presentation

Presentations carrying dry facts, figures and data are merely an unappealing package of information. More often than not, they falter to make a connect with the audience. If they don’t stimulate thoughts in the audience, the purpose gets defeated. But a little bit of story, a little bit of emotion with those facts and figures makes presentations a fascinating product. But wrapping the information in a story is a tough task. There are some suggestions to incorporate stories into your business-presentations:

1. Connect with content: Create or remember a story related to the main message of your presentation! A story involving the core of your presentation always helps in transporting it in an emphatic way. You can also craft a story taking your products or services into its fold so that apart from the actual details, the audience also gets informed of the details of your business in a subtle way.

2. A personal experience: When you describe a personal experience at some forum, you know it inside-out. It’s not necessary but if you can draw a story out of your personal experiences and relate with your business in the presentation, you will have made it interesting. If you have this descent and ascent in your story as the problem and its solution, this will have an increased impact. Even though you make up a story, place it in your presentation touching all the important facts of your business!

3. An intriguing beginning: The beginning of your story should be normally the beginning of your presentation. A slice of impediment, hurdles, struggle or failures and you overcoming them with a specific effort, indicating to your business-details, should form the beginning of your story. This start would lead the audience to the crux of your business.

4. Bear in mind target-audience while crafting a story: When you are in the process to make the presentation, you know your target-audience or prospective clients. Prepare the story of your presentation having those prospective clients in the mind! What would be their soft spots, what would be their inclination, their collective background, their common choices, likes-dislikes, you must research and then craft the story with all the other ingredients for the presentation!

    Story-based presentations are impactful, it’s a known fact. But which sorts of stories should be chosen, is equally important as a mismatch vis-à-vis your business-details will not enhance the effect of the presentation.