4 nuts and bolts of an effective PPT

PPTs nothing but transport your ideas, concepts and offerings in an illustrative way. Explicatory basics of PPTs make them the most powerful medium to carry facts and figures. Undoubtedly, keeping the audience involved and motivated right through is a challenge for sure. But, you can counter this challenge by keeping few points in mind:

  1. First impression must be deep: The first slide of your PPT must bear an abstractly meaningful sentence, prominent saying or famous quote of a successful personality, especially who fought with adverse situations. This opening content of yours must pack a punch which would help you generate interest among your audience right at the start. They suddenly feel a deep connect with the line or the person who has been quoted. Now you have fellow-travellers for all your slides.
  2. Prepare base on questions: Try to project some queries and questions before your audience! You must weave these queries around your theme, idea or offerings. If these queries spring into their minds as problems, your offerings as the solutions of all those problems would be entrenched in their minds.
  3. Attention-grabbing Images & Diagrams: Effective PPTs carry a huge load of diagrams and pictures. Attractive diagrams create curiosity and fascinating images stimulate us visually. If the facts related to your products or services are presented in various diagrams, they get transported to your audience seamlessly. These diagrams become enlightening highlights of your offerings. Similarly, images go a long way to elucidate and explain even the knotty intricacies of any subject and you can elaborate your details through these supporting images with the minimum of word-content. Images remain in the memory longer and so do the related facts and details.
  4. Charts and Graphs, carrier of data: Numbers and figures written in word-content may get lost in mind, but presented in appropriate charts and graphs remain there for an extended period of time. A few words on the slide and let the numbers tell the story! Impact is quicker and gets deeper. Secondly, numbers and figures always push the knowledgeable audience to compare offerings with others. And your well-presented numbers may lead them to a quick Call-of-Action.

   PPT is a package of information and if this package unfolds in a systematic manner with the audience’s inquisitiveness and interest intact, coming out offerings carve a deep impression in their minds which is the mark of a good and effective PPT.