3 broadly based employee-employer emotions to grow in business

A business is somewhat a sum-total of employer-employee-relationshipWhen employers and employees work in a happy frame of minds, results in terms of revenue may vary, but the business certainly progresses. If you get to ingrain a bond between you and your employees on 3 broadly based emotions, your organization is bound to grow incessantly:    

  1. Sense of relationship: A relationship between you as an employer and your employees must be conspicuous and must be deep. You must cultivate this relationship by having a continuous engagement with them on various points. You may sometimes go outside the periphery of the business to keep them in good humour and sustain their interest in official assignments. Your employees must show the depth of this relationship by working beyond his sphere and schedule. In any case, this vibrant relationship between you and your employees must ooze out from the working culture at your office.
  2. Sense of contribution: You must as an employer interact with your employees in a way that each and every one of them must feel special. Every suggestion is not going to bring to you results, but every suggestion coming from them must be recognized and respected and this respect must be conveyed to them in a conspicuous manner. If every employee carries a sense of contribution, they would keep contributing towards the organization continuously through their respective assignments.
  3. Understanding: Having a reciprocal understanding between employers and employees goes a long way to help the business progress in a sustained manner. Failed attempts of employees mustn’t be announced and spread, their feedbacks must be taken care of and their innovative thinking must always be praised, irrespective of results. Similarly, employees must be treading ahead without having in mind any grudge against their employer. If he detects any flaw in the mechanism, makes an inquiry on something or does something quite ridiculous, they must not bear bitterness against him. They must support his good intentions and in fact, they must fuse their goals and achievements with that of their organizations.

Summarily, when employees’ sense of relationship with their employers is deep, their sense of contribution towards their organizations is prominent and mutual understanding with their employers is prompt and conspicuous, there exists a vibrant bonding between them which augurs well for the business.