10 solid tips to surpass brands & win business from clients with presentation

Congratulations if you have just started a new company. With many opportunities and successes to come, there are some immediate challenges.

Many founders including small business owners, want to prepare a presentation but hesitate because they think they are not ready enough and reach out to us at Recherche Digital.

Entrepreneurs are not sure what to show in a presentation as they don’t have clients, testimonials, experience, or even the matured product or service. Don’t worry with these 10 tips you can outshine from brand’s presentation.

Being small or new shouldn’t mean weak. 

With this blog, you will learn 10+ solid tips to surpass brands and

  1. How to take advantage of being new or small and present confidently
  2. What to show / present in your presentation when your company is new or small business
  3. How to impress the target audience and even beat experienced companies in presentations
  4. Table of ideas as what to replace for your new company presentation compared to brand presentation

“Everybody has to start somewhere. You have your whole future ahead of you. Perfection doesn’t happen right away.”

Haruki Murakami


The important thing is to start. Every successful company started in the same way

How to prepare a presentation for your new business when you recently founded the company or you are a small business and want to beat the established players

It is advantageous of being new or small in it’s own way.

When you see a new product, service upgrade in your computer or phone, you get a kick of dopamine. The excitement of a new company should not be limited to yourself, but you must convey the same feelings to your client through your presentation.

Don’t hesitate to admit you are new or small but stress how you and your team are supercharged to execute and take the product or service to a new level for their clients.

You can always give more as you don’t have too many clients, you can always over-deliver as you need clients on your list, and you can always charge less as you don’t have too many overheads.

Check out this video to know how to build leads for small business.

By explaining these points, you can make your case and get your first client through your new business presentation.


A word of caution here is you must not try to showcase yourself as big, costly, or very experienced as this will keep you in competition with your experienced competitors, and you will lose the game.

What to show / present in your presentation when your company is new

Since you are starting a new company or owning a small one, obviously you don’t have existing clients or too many clients, years of experience or matured product/service, but then the way you structure your presentation should be changed in your favour.

The new company presentation structure is different from the experienced company /brand structure; even the content & flow should also be altered for new company presentations.

So instead of showing in your presentation that your company is just few months old, you would say that our founders or our team have combined experience of, say, 20 years.

Rather than saying you have the similar product as an experienced company has, come up with a product or service with a different USP, saying that you have added a fresh look, feel, application or feature which is not present even in an experienced company’s offering.

How to impress target audience and even beat experienced companies/brands in presentations

Nothing beats a passionate individual

Talk about your passion, past individual achievements, why you started the company, what problem you wanted to solve and how innovative your solution is than the experienced competition.

Your target audience sees you as the driving force of the company and must trust you as an individual first rather than the company.

The fundamental limitation of big companies’ presentation is that they focus more on their accomplishments and try to win the customer with their brand, but here in your case, you can beat them by focusing on individual customers and win them with your personal image.

Customize your presentation according to the customer’s needs & expectations and give them the attention (may be one to one ) your experienced competitor can’t offer.

Win your customer’s trust by showcasing how well you understand their need, and being a new company, you can give more focus & attention as compared to the big brands out there.

Build the USPs and present them in your PowerPoint presentation, highlighting key benefits to customers.

Typical flow of a presentation & what to change if you are new company or small company

Brand Presentations

Replacement in New Company Presentation

How customers will perceive

1.Company experience

1.Team experience

1.The point is to have experience either as a team or a company.

2.Brand power

2.Trust building pointers

2.The brand is replaced with trust in the founder in the customer’s mind.

3.Standard product

3.Customized for customer

3.Everyone wants ‘fit to their need’ products.

4.Team size

4.Individual attention

4.Big team size only creates a delay in communication. Individual attention is desired to solve any problem.

5. Standard (High cost) 

5. Reasonable/negotiable cost

5. Brands usually don’t negotiate; you can play on prices and gain the business.

6. Advance payment

6. Payment in parts of post paid

6. Let’s be honest, the client may give advance 100% to brands, but they will not give you 100% advance but use it to your advantage start by saying that we trust our clients and are ready to start without or little advance rather than 100% upfront.

7. Response time

7. Available all the time

7. Brands usually have helplines that lodge the complaints and then process them through the team. Being new and a founder, you can offer an instant solution by directly talking to customers and helping them save time & frustration with helplines.

8. Hierarchy operation

8. Simple operation

8. Hierarchy is the enemy of speed. You can use it to your advantage by providing fast & quick service showcasing no hierarchy, only individual attention.

9. Slow and difficult decision making

9. Fast & easy decision making

9. Brands are slow in change due to their size and people involved, while for a new company, change is quick and easy due to small team & founder’s involvement.

10.  Number of clients & brand in list

10. Case studies of clients

10. A list of big brands impresses customers, but to deal with them, you can showcase a few case studies showing the entire experience and how you solved the problem. Customers will be impressed more with case studies and having the idea in their mind how you will solve their problem. Check out a few case studies here for reference.

So these are 10 solid tips to surpass brands and win client’s business through presentation even when you are new or Small Business.

Need support? Contact us here and one of our team members will help you with best practices or designing entire presentation.

Author : Harish K. Saini

Publishing Date : 23 December, 2021